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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Ron, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Ron

    Ron Member

    As a result of a 3rd place win in the WOH aircraft competition, I became the proud owner of Marcus' latest release, the RAF BE2 e. This one is a museum quality model in 1:33 scale that by far exceeded any of my expectations in a paper kit. 3 pages of history and specs, about 12 pages of parts and very, very detailed instructions. The kit was designed by Tomasz Kopecki. I'll do a detailed write up on the bird when I have time to get a closer look at it. In the mean time, head over to Wings of Horus and have a look for yourself. It's well worth the 12.99 and the almost 11mb file size. As usual, Marcus' delivery was very quick and it's always a pleasure talking with him.

    The other bird I picked up was Marek's latest 1:33 kit, the Bristol F2B.
    Marek has gone overboard on this one and has to be his most detailed WW1 era aircraft to date. Once again, this aircraft has the potential to be another museum class kit with no detail left out. 7 pages of parts, 3.5 pages of detailed instructions and an aircraft history in English fill out this kit very well. The kit is one of the latest offered in DeWayne's ever increasing line of models. DeWayne's service is excellent with the kit arriving quickly along with the usual friendly note. The price cannot be beat at 5.00 for any of the Marek 1:33 kits . I recommend them highly. Again, when I get the time I'll do a more detailed write up on this excellent model

    As an end note, I just want to say thank-you to both of these model distributors for issuing their models fully unlocked and editable. It's a huge plus in my books when looking for models and in the end, makes the decision of where I buy my models very easy

    All the best!
  2. Huey

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    I think this should be a regular feature in the forum (constantly updated), as a guide so that we don't buy 'blindly'. I know that cardmodels.org is doing this but on a monthly basis. This would help a lot (in purchasing) especially to 'newbies' in the hobby. Maybe it would also be nice to attach the finish model along with the review.

    Your review Ron is very much appreciated. Hopefully a review on old release models too would also be a great help.
  3. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi all, got my F2b just now, but cannot open the pdf file in Coreldraw 9. Previous pdfs from this designer worked OK. Anyone else had this, or is it just me??!!

    Tim P
  4. Darwin

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    Regarding the comment about additional postings in this vein....how about splitting the existing forum for kit reviews into a "first impressions" forum for this kind of information and an "in-depth review" forum based on actually building the kit? It would be nice if a "template" were established for the reviews as to what information should be provided and some grading standards to make the evaluations less subjective. Whatcha think, Ron?
  5. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    I've been putting in a little thought (always a dangerous thing, but it this time it only hurt a little bit) on the kit review issue. The thing I have liked most about this site is that it is for and by the paper model consumers, not the dealers. That means that the postings (especially kit reviews) are not run through the "don't say anything really negative about the product" filter of the sites that are more spokesman for the vendors than a forum for the consumer. Maybe that is why I have dug in my heels resisting the undercurrents I detect toward greater "commercialization" of our group, such as going for sponsorships from the commercial houses. The immediacy of the forum concept is a great thing, and I unreservedly suport a strong "first impressions" forum, but only if the poster has the freedom of frankly criticizing (within the bounds of (un?)common decency, of course) a model's (or a distributor's) shortcomings. The way this site is growing, it is becoming a significant player in the hobby (Ron, you done a good thing, way back when). When (I think when, rather than "if") we start emphasizing the buyer feedback aspect of the forum, I hope we can resist the temptation to start asking or expecting designers/publishers to send us kits for evaluation purposes. Every time I have seen that happen, it introduces a "don't say anything really bad or they won't send us any more kits and jerk their sponsorship" bias into the product review.
  6. DeWayne

    DeWayne Member

    As a low ranking flunky on the "Card Modelers Online Magazine" and a distributor of card models, I think if a subject is sent in and it is good, fair, a lost cause or the greatest thing since candy, corvettes and blonds, then it should be reviewed as such. I want nothing to influence a reviewer when looking at my wares. If a flaw or defect is found I would appreciate the chance to correct it or replace the file (model) and I would expect to see it in print about the flaw and subsequent correction.

    An honest review will make a good product better and a great one even more so. It will also prevent us from throwing hard earned money down the tube.

    Tim, I found a couple pages that had the objects grouped. I sent another file with the parts pages "un-grouped". Should work now.
  7. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Thanks DeWayne, cracking service as usual!
    The model looks excellent, by the way.

  8. Ron

    Ron Member

    I like the idea Dar. Does anyone have any objections to writing these up in the articles section or would you guys just prefer using a forum?

    Here's what I think for a template

    1. Model Subject ie. Pfalz D.III
    2. Scale ie. 1:33
    3. Publisher and model number ie. Models by Marek #6
    4. Designer if available
    5. Distributor if it's an exclusive item ie. DeWayne Barnett http://www.teuton.org/dbarnett/
    6. If it's a pdf, if possible, let us know if it's unlocked or not


    If its a first impressions thing, just the usual page count on model parts, instructions etc. A brief description of the kit, what you think of the print quality and registration , any positive things or negative things you might see right away. If you see something exceptional, tell us about that as well.

    A thumbnail or 2 would also be great. I'll provide a cover pic and a piece of a parts sheet. We should be sure that the parts image presented is not the full page and is cut down to a size that would render it unuseable. We don't want the copywrite cops knocking on the door nor so I want to have any more of those cruddy discussions on the site.

    If i'ts a full review, fill us in with as much as you care to. The more the merrier is what I say. If the model bombs out, during construction and you're sure it's a design flaw, let us know and even show us a pic of the mistake. If it's something simple, maybe any one of us can help repair it.
    Construction pics, finished pics , overall impressions, recommendations etc are all things that can be tossed in.

    Whatcha all think?

    Ron :)
  9. RyanShort1

    RyanShort1 Member

    And then PLEASE save the design of the "fix" or repair so that it can be posted in the Parts Bin... After all that's partly what it was for isn't it?

  10. Ron

    Ron Member

    Thats exactly what it's for Ryan. Good call :)

  11. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    I think posting the reviews initially in the forum section would allow for interactivity (ask for additional details, etc.). After interest dies down, edit the string and transfer to the archives. As much old stuff keeps cropping up on Ebay, the out-of-print kits should be included as well as the latest releases. That way we eventually could have enough data base to assist in figuring out whether the latest Ebay offering may be worth bidding the paycheck on or just worth a pass.
  12. Huey

    Huey Member

    Lets just start doing this. Actually we can start with the model kits that we have bought so we are not in-debted to anybody.

    I like DeWayne's attitude (by the way, I also concur that his customer service is top notch as always. - hope you like the file I sent you :wink: ) of getting honest feedbacks, especially from a distributor like him. If they get honest comments or feedbacks for the models they sell (whether a positive or pointing out a flaw on the model) they'll be able to go back on the designer and make the corrections, thereby we get better models and the distributor's reputation goes up a notch higher (and also their sales due to good feedback). I buy my models from the website on the links here and so far (except for that minor glitch in the server of one of the website) I have yet to be duped. They all come in highly recommended (based on the thread in the sub-forums here) and I concur with the observations of the other modelers.

    Bottom line is, we pay hard earned money for the models and its a luxury to most of us to be able to purchase paper models. A guide would definitely help in the 'buying decision' and for the serious distributor, its also a guide for them to motinor their models in terms of corrections to be made or simply a pat in the back for them when the models they are selling gets good reviews.

    I'm with you guys on the idea of not accepting free models for review if there will be restrictions on the reviews from the distributor. We need to know to good and bad points just as they need it too.
  13. Horus

    Horus Member

    Hi folks,
    DeWayne said,
    I've got to agree with him 100%.
    As a designer, as a distributor, I want to get the best product to market. as such, feedback, and honest feedback at that is essential in driving improvement.
    I think the idea of a "first Looks" and a separate"build review" is a great idea.

    Concerning flaws and bugs, Ryan said,
    After the revamp of my site, the addition of a support forum and new shopping cart software, I realised the cart had a bolt on bit to market software upgrades. I've decided to put it to a different use. Paperwarbirds has updated it's systems to include an "autoupdate" feature. In the same way that Trotisky updates his models, Paperwarbirds is in the process of doing the same. This means that as bugs missed by my own building skills are picked up by others, I can correct the problem, and update the file on my server. Customers buying that particular product would receive an email with a link to the new file. This will be a free service.


  14. billmcc

    billmcc Member


    The format you posted looks good to me. As Darwin suggested, let's do this in a forum to allow feedback.

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