A Christmas Story

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by wileymc, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. wileymc

    wileymc New Member

    After a few layout problems got my Bachmann G running around the Christmas tree and proudly called in grandsons for a grand introduction. There comments were, "Look a sidewalk!," "Papa where's the whistle?" "What's it's name?" "Papa it has to have a name!" "Why can't Thomas and Henry ride on track?" "I want to push the train!" "Papa your train doesn't have a face." "Nana where are the marshmallows?". Merry Christmas to all
  2. rich maiorano

    rich maiorano Member

    thats awesome wiley and welcome again:D :D :D rich
  3. wileymc

    wileymc New Member

    Follow up

    As I explained earlier my disability limits my skills a bit but after realizing a snake shaped track wasn't a good idea it went pretty well. Now if I only had a whistle. Thanks again
  4. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Sounds like your havin fun and that's all that matters... nice story thanks for sharing you joy!
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Blow your own horn

    You should be able to get a little square wooden railway whistle at your hobby shop or toy shop. Trick will be confining your grandkids to blowing it in the train room.
    By all means, give it a name.
    Tell the kids that the engines only have faces on the island of Sodor -- on the mainland they disappear. (Check the original Thomas books for this.)
  6. wileymc

    wileymc New Member

    Train Whistles

    We found the whistles (five) now where did I put my earplugs. Merry Christmas
  7. PennRailRoads

    PennRailRoads Member

    The title for this thread is kinda funny if you think about the program they show on TV around this time. You know its about a kid named Ralphy (Ralphie?) that wants a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. And when he tells every one (including Santa) that all he ever wants is the BB gun, they tell him "You'll shoot your eye out!"
  8. wileymc

    wileymc New Member

    Reply to PennRR

    Just keep your tongue off of any flagpoles, and don't forget the hula lamp.
  9. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    That's our favorite quote/response when our kids ask us to buy them something we don't want them to have... no matter what it is..

    Ex.: You don't want that $50.00 doll -- you'll shoot your eye out!! ROFL they always get the message that they ain't gonna get it from us.. :) :)

    The -- BTTFIII "Time machine" quote is really a good sig. :D

  10. PennRailRoads

    PennRailRoads Member

    Thanks N Gauger! :D

    I got the idea to add the BTT3 quote on my sig cause frankly Doc did steal that loco.

    Wiley, that lamp was a leg lamp, Ralphs dad "won" it as a prize. Then his mother broke it cause she didn't like it. To quote her: "That's the ugliest lamp I have ever seen in my life!"
  11. tomfassett

    tomfassett Member

    Re: Reply to PennRR

    Ah c'mon Wiley, I triple dog dare ya'!...;)

    Tom F

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