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Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by John Griffin, Mar 29, 2007.

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    If You Are Going to Do This You Might Want to Try...,


    Molt Taylor designed a complete airplane around cardboard and fiberglass. It works better than you would first believe. The cardboard is soaked with activated polyester resin that's been thinned with styrene monomer so it will penetrate well. The external form is then glassed over. Jack Lambie covers it in one of his books. It is a light and extremely strong way to build a structure and as a raw material about as cheap as you can get. Remember to say when asked about the structure, "Did I tell you it's made of paper?"...,

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    Without having delved into the piracy issues yet, I just realized how much money one could make with this idea if they wanted. Go to your local state/county fair or craft show and look at how much people are willing to pay for those planes/cars/etc made out of old beer cans. The market for a realistic looking metal model would probably be huge!! I'd buy 'em, that's for sure!!

    If I had a welder still, I'd be out in the garage running with this idea instead of sitting here on the couch watching cartoons.
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    They are beautiful. Probably way beyond anything I could do. I barely have a garage. I also want full scale... so that it doesn't look like a model. I guess scaling up a WAR blueprint could be done by someone with the kno-how. Those WAR planes look amazing though don't they! It looks like they are constructed like a '30s era plane- tube frame and skin hung on that. An easy way to get the rigidity and strength to fly. If I ever did make one, it would be for display. I imagine it might be so light that I would need to tie it down in case of winds. Thanks for the link!

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    Well the concept is pretty easy I think. They build a wood frame then put blocks of foam over that and carve it down till it's the shape they want and lay fiberglass over it. It's the method Burt Rutan introduced or at least made popular that made the building your own airplane a real possibility.

    In my mind it makes more sense than working with sheet metal cause the only thing that really needs to be made accurately is the frame everything else follows from that.

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