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    I would like to introduce my project big diorama to 1-25 scale.I started last year ,but no time to translate all.

    The base is wooden frame and has diameter 2mx 1m.It has holes for connect with next section 1x1 m or 2x1 m by screws.
    To this frame i screw on styrene plate,to make all light and stiff groundwork.
    On this plate i `ve done scheme of my project,on my case it`s a frontal city,waiting the defence.At this time (not exactly predetermine) across city travel unknown(today) division.All vehicles ,what You see on pictures are there only today just for test.
    After I sketched streets ,for good look - diameter verification.

    Now is time to make sculpture of terrain (lie?) ouside city,where the defence button up (get ready).
    I used old newspaper,somethimes glue to styren and squeeze where i need.

    Ready terrain i glue black cloth.Black is better for ground because from the beginning imitate ground,but at this case is over.I hope no problem with white suiting.
    Now we are at the city.
    i glue th houses corners for easier planning.For the houses walls I use styro(german name is Styropor).The windows holes are easy to cut,the same with roof construction.I do elevation from plaster glue.

    Asphalt roads will do by.....glass-paper,but glue when side-walk and kerbstone are ready.

    When asphalt is over outside city ,there are wheels and track print(impression) on mud road (like on diorama 1)

    Around houses I plane to do gardens and fence. I plane to do 3 houses,one is kommendantur,and church with tower.

    Now vehicles and figures test position.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and connect to diorama 1

    I hope you will undestand my english,it`s a difficult test for me with many ,new technical words.Sorry for trouble.
    Reagards Piter


    No one comment to this moment. Hmm ,continue or not?
    I try..
    come back to my relation ,before all of You forgott about it.
    Outside city part is mostly ready.On the basement I put some layers of mud mix with glue to properly thickness.

    When the mudd start to mortar i did tracks traces used my Tiger RC 1-24 scale and one tool looks like this one for zimmerit.
    After few days ,when all dried and concreted(glue) I covered some places sand and grass.

    Trees and bushes are from modelers shop.Put grass need few layers too,and it `s arduous work if you want have possitive effect.I cover grass by cars clar -lack to better set.
    All look to sweet for me now,but the "last word" I `ll do ,when city is ready.
    Houses schemes I glue to styro and cut -out.I must decide to do or not silicone forms because I plane to do more houses by plaster of paris.

    That all for now.Reagard from building -square! :)
  3. Amazyah

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    Truly Awesome!
    I don't know how I missed your first post.
    This is great work and very inspirational!
    I for one would love to see more!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. ekuth

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    Nice work!


    My models are plastic and paper-card,but both painted by air brush.I try every time change paper-card models ,to add some new parts by scratch or PE elements.The last step ,not on this diorama is resin conversion of plastic SU100 to aerly SU 85 and SU85M.All You can fine on 1-25 SAF.com or on my web site .Pe kits and another goods are aviaable in shop.
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    Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like a lot of work put into a great layout.:thumb:
  7. albert1960

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    Good morning:

    I'm also doing a diorama at that scale, ie 1:25, but not find it anywhere, German soldiers fit. Where did you get yours?

    best regards



    First step I did plastic figures from Academy ,later I did scratch and do next brothers.
    In My shop -PanzerHobby art You can get some 1-25 figures.
    More about my fogures here
    Welcome and regards Piterpanzer
  9. zathros

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    Happy to see you post Piterpanzer! :)

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