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  1. As a Mac user what 3d software formats can you read? When I first pitched up here I showed a model of the A-26 that UMC2 could read and convert a little. Hopefully I can supply the model in a form you can read. The author in this case was the Alphasim group. I don't think they would mind you using it as a basis for a card model.
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    Hey, Nekayah,

    I just dug up this set for drawings for the A/B-26; you may or may not have seen them: http://richard.ferriere.free.fr/3vues/b26invader_3v.jpg (he has lots.of 3-views).

    When I was a kid I built lots of solid models. It is not difficult, just take a hunk of balsa wood, and "whittle off what is not part of an A-26!" I think that after printing out the plans at full size, buying the appropriate balsa (a block for the body, another for the nacelles, a sheet for the tail, and a thicker sheet for the wings), and glue, sandpaper, model putty, sealer, and paint, I think could make a pretty good Havoc in about a week. One trick is full sized plans to help you chose the right size of balsa. Personally, I don't like basswood for model planes --- just too hard.

    Solid models are not particularly difficult to build. Ken Horne's site gives all the instructions you need. http://www.ualberta.ca/~khorne/homepage.html

    Don't give up on a solid model ---- they are easier to build than many paper models!


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