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  2. zwave343

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    ok, being 15 and australian, my american histrory is scratchy at best, but isnt 9/11 the day those terroist *******s flew a plane into the twin towers? if so, holy crap.
  3. JHSurf

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    Yes that is the day the terrorist flew TWO planes into the Trade Center Towers.
  4. zwave343

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    2 planes?! yikes!
    told ya ma american history was scratchy!
  5. Zathros

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    Well, you were only 5, and it's not like the History of other countries is tops on everybodies list. it is why we're blowin' up certain people around the world, and will be for the foreseeable future.

    Wait a minute........................................................................................................ Your only 15!!! Your just an ankle biter! Well, I guess it's O.K., you seem to be a fair dinkum, not your typical w@nker. I guess I was a bit of a drongo not catchin' that earlier. I wouldn't say I spit the dummy, and I'm not trying to be a stickybeak, and it's been yonks since we've been chinwaggin'. I better get a note from your parents, and quick, now, Go to Bed!!:mrgreen: :p
  6. inky

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    You wanna put some of that into english Zathros, HAHAHAHA You lost me on some of those words.
  7. zwave343

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    zathros, i posted those posts in daytime. im in australia. different timezone.
    believe me, 15 isnt my real age. kinda trying to avoid being tracked. in fact, im about 3 different ages. 15 on this site (closer to my real age), 28 on the 405th and on another site im 35. same name on all, different location, different biography, different ocupation
    he he. different country. since i can trust alot of you guys, i really am australian. but im also (acording to the internet) english and american
    he he. but seriously its on the verge of pm twighlight here. im a good little boy! and what exactly is an ankle biter?!
  8. Zathros

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    ankle biter= small child!! It took me about 15 minutes to write that! The previous post that is!) :p

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