90mm Joan of Arc

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  1. I thought I'd share a few photos of my completed Joan of Arc miniature. This is one of Zio Prudenzio's beautifully rendered figure models. It was an easy, frustration free build. My model has a couple of small modifications: I thought that the stock face looked cartoonish, so I Photoshopped in LeeLee Sobieski's face. Definitely more realistic. The stock figure has Joan holding her unsheathed sword aloft. To add more interest and color I decided to depict her holding her battle standard. The figure is mounted on a pedestal style paper base of my own design. It's textured with a purpleheart woodgrain. Looking at the photos, it is crying out for groundwork. I'm going to have to do something about that.




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    Very nice build! I have several of Zio Prudenzio's soldier models, as yet unbuilt. Your post may change that!
  3. Thanks for your comment. I've built two of Zio's figure kits so far and have quite a few waiting to be printed. The foot soldiers all follow the same basic design. I haven't tackled one of his mounted figures yet. To me, the bases he provides with his kits look too small, so I made the pedestal style base to add some "presence". Makes a big difference, I think.
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    You're absolutely right. Besides, it made your model look like one of those museum pieces that do catch our attention, not only for its details, but (as you've written) for its overall presence.
    Well done!


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