90 Years Of Railfanning Ore Hil

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    Now...That my challenge is complete, I can start using it for pic background.
    I'm quite pleased the way it came out and should compliment the layout....When I find a spot for it
    Until.......then.......Here's some pics I did 90 years of Railfanning Ore Hill Depot"
  2. eightyeightfan1

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    Barnum Richards Mining Co., standard gauge three truck Shay is parked at the station, waiting for the morning Central New England train to bring back empty ore cars from the Beckly Furnace in Cannan Ct. By the looks of the milk cans on the dock, iron ore isn't the only thing shipped from here.

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    The depot roof can be seen over the top of CNE's milk train. In a couple of years, the New Haven will take over the Central New England Railway.

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    New Haven GP-9 has just dropped of a load of lumber for the Barnum Richards mine. The crewman on the rear porch looks back, maybe cause he knows that in ten years, the New Haven will not exsist, being merged into the Penn Central.

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    The "New" Central New England railroad, only four years in exsistence, local run, headed by GP-35 #77, has only to pass Ore Hill. Its been thirteen years since the mine closed down, which also abandoned the depot.

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    Leading...or trailing?
    CDOT's cab car #1693 heads the Litchfield Hills commuter train in push/pull service to Hartford, speeds past the renovated Ore Hill station. P32AC #31 brings up the markers.

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  7. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Great stuff Ed!!!! Your structure makes an excellent background!
  8. MilesWestern

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    Funny....I had the exact same idea about two weeks ago! (for the picture series over 100 yrs.)
  9. UP SD40-2

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    ED, i think you have done an AWESOME job on your station:thumb:. i REALLY liked ALL your pics too;), going from old to new and adding some history was a REALLY NICE TOUCH!!!:thumb: :D THANK YOU!, -Deano
  10. cnw1961

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    Hey 88, how old were you when you took the first pic or did your grandpa pass the photo on to you? :) Very nice idea.
  11. eightyeightfan1

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    Thanks guys.
    Deano: Most of the history of Ore Hill is true. But the mine was actually closed in 1923, as was Beckly Furnace. The real Central New England rails were ripped up in 1938, so the 1959 and beyond time frame is fictitious(Except the merger). But in my world...the rails are still there.
    Kurt: I wasn't even a gleam in my granfathers eyes.......

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