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    I was out in Bedford, PA for N-Scale Weekend a couple weeks ago. While there my wife and I visited the crash site of Flight 93. I don't mind telling you, we and many others wept. I wept thinking about the courage of those that died and their effort to take back their lives- knowing they were going to be murdered. Was that the reason they went ahead and offered their lives- because they knew they were going to anyway?

    I wept. I wept hoping that I will have the same courage they did if ever the time comes.

    I edit this with 88's response. They knew they were being used to kill others- They did something about it!
    I thank them all. I read the voice recorder transcript at the site, listened to an eyewitness describe how they saw a low flying jet- not seen in these parts- rocking side to side, apparently in an attempt to keep the heros of Flight 93 off their feet...

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    To give your life, to save the lives of others, takes courage. Putting yourself in the path of a tragedy, and thinking not of yourself, makes you a hero.
    To those of Flight 93, Rest In Peace........
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    This thread had me pacing back and forth in the house, enough to have my wife notice there was something wrong...

    I am reminded of the last scene in "Gladiator", as Lucilla stands over the fallen Maximus, she turns to Senator Dracchus and the crowd and asks, "Is Rome worth one good man?"

    An honest accessment of the last five years begs the question---"Is America worth those good people?"

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