7805 5v Regulator 101

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    Hi Gauger's:

    Here's a neat device for the beginner and advance in electronics. It's a small comnet called the 7805 voltage regulator. You can buy them at Radio Shack for a few bucks. Very easy to use. The input can handle up to 35v dc. The middle pin is ground. The output is 5 v dc! If you add a heat sink to the back. It will handle up to 1 amp.

    The advantages are: You can use 220 Ohm resistors for your LED signals. Five voltags is the common voltage for digital electronics.

    • Type: 7805
    • Case style: TO-220
    • Output Voltage: +5VDC @ 1A
    • Maximum Input Voltage: 35VDC
    • May require heatsink in some applications

    Andy :wave:
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    Hi Jim:

    Another good source is Mouser Electronics. They also have a NICE FREE catalog!


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    Yeah, when we had our manufacting business, I brough from Mouser frequently. Great prices and you don't have to be a business to buy there either. And yes, their catalog is homungus, and they have stuff that isn't even in the catalog. :eek:

    I might add that there are other versions of the 7805, like the 7805K in the TO-3 case that is good for 2 amps with proper sinking, and the 75L05 in a TO-92 case that is suppose to be good for a half amp, but I wouldn't use it beyond 100mA. that one is nice if you want to bury it inside a loco. :)
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    I must agree with Don (EZ) Day - I have been working in electronics for 30 years now and I purchased parts from more suppliers than I can remember. Mouser not only has the largest supply of componets but also has the cheapest prices that you will find anywhere!!!!!!!! Mouser is the only place that I will buy from today and has been for several years now!! A wise man always listens to a wiser man, so when Don Day says "Mouser Electronics", you should listen!!! you tell'em Don!!!!!
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    That is only the voice of experience talking.:oops: What I really liked about Mouser was I could place an order at 4 PM and they'd still ship it that day, and there were no minimum order requirements either. There is one other supplier I like that is in the Phoenix area, but you can order on line or toll free. That being Circuit Specialists. They don't have all that Mouser has, but are great if you want switches, LED's, IC's or other components, and have a pretty good stock of test equipment as well. All this stuff at really good prices.:thumb:
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    :wave: welcome to the gauge siongboon :wave:
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    Hi all, I believe also you can use an Zener diode to get your required 5 volts and you dont need to sink it, if my memory serves me correctly.
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    Just one other note, it's possible to obtain higher regulated voltage outputs using the 7805 by using a two resistor divider to bias the center leg. If you biased the common leg to 4 volts you would get a regulated 9 volts output. The DC input must be at least 1.5 volts higher than the output though.

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