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    Well, in geological terms, the entire railroad experience (circa 1820s to 2007) is only a blip in the radar. I'd say ~200 years out of several billion is pretty darn focussed...! ;) :D sign1

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    I remember seeing an amazing no. of 40' boxcars, some still in 1940's paint schemes, in Thunder Bay Ontario in the mid-eighties. Here in MN 40' cars were still common on long grain trains (like the CNW's "Alco Line") in the seventies too.

    I wouldn't worry about removing roofwalks from cars you have, but adding a few 40' cars without roofwalks wouldn't hurt. Remember in the late 60's-70's new railroads like Penn Central, Conrail, BN and the Chessie System were repainting cars, and would have been removing the roofwalks (which was supposed to be done starting in 1966 IIRC) while they were in the shops.

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