700 x 80 WWI - 1:33 - Spoked Wheel Project

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Gil, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. EricGoedkoop

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    I should've tipped you off to that one, Gil. Sorry for not speaking up. I've been doing tires, engine cylinders and suchlike with just a drop a glue at the beginning and the end of the strip for a while now and it saves a LOT of fussing, not to mention accidentally tearing a piece wet with glue as you try to wind it tightly.
  2. Gil

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    When Eyeballing is Not Enough...,

    Hi All,

    A wheel was built using near perfect tires, hub and rims. It turned out to be a disaster. In fact it was worse, in many respects, than the first laminated tire version (no I won't show pictures of the disaster piece). After looking at this dismal failure I began the normal critique and found the following items need to be added to the construction sequence:

    o Tires need to be hardened with CA. External PVA hardening is not enough to withstand the stresses of building.
    o Hub width needs to be reduced slightly to adjust for the spoke thickness.
    o Hub and spoke mono filament need to be painted aluminum prior to assembly.
    o Tire placement guide needs to be removable so it can be wrapped in plastic wrap insuring that the tire doesn't become glued to it.
    o The centering pin should be made removable easing extraction of the finished wheel.
    o The Lacing Fixture needs to be rebuilt. The current one was found to be out of round by a large (to remain unspecified) amount.

    The last item insured that the tire, as built, would have a "bump" built into it. Trying to remove it by sanding on a Dremel yielded a wheel with a distinct offset resembling a cam.

    Went back to the drawing board and updated the design including the items listed plus the addition of color coding to the winding "horns" (eases the lacing task) and a reference mark for overall assembly alignment.

    Hopefully these changes will help in turning out a premium "for show" item...,

    Till Next, -Gil

  3. rmks2000

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    I admire your doggedness. Keep working at it!
  4. cgutzmer

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    This will be a humdinger of a pdf when its done!
  5. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Interim Progress & PDF Release

    Hi Carl,

    I also have a stable of WWI aircraft on hold waiting for the outcome of 1:33 scale spoked wheels, so you are not alone in that respect. Just have a little more patience as the next iteration will probably be the final version. The drawing files also need to be cleaned up and consolidated into a deliverable package.

    I've given some thought to the way the rims are made to make things easier. A simple truncated cone cutout with join strip will take care of this. These templates will be provided in the package.

    Next to near last...,

  6. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    End of Development

    I've received some discouraging news. It seems there has been a complaint about this development not being interesting enough to warrant continuing it. Sorry to have waisted your time. The last view of the series is of the hub/spole detail...,

  7. Amazyah

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    I don't believe that for one second.

  8. josve

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    Neither do I!!
    This got to be one of the most interesting threads I have followed for a long time!!
    So you just keep this alive Gil, for heavens sake!!
  9. rlwhitt

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    Funny Gil. I guess all those 1800+ views were accidental! :)
  10. Amazyah

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    I had given this thread 5 stars and it sets at 3 so somebody gave it a 1.
    Apparently, somebody isn't a happy camper.
    My advice; Don't like it, move on. There are plenty of other threads in this forum. Please don't rain on the parade.
  11. rlwhitt

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    Exactly Russell. Can't figure out why someone would bother!

  12. rmks2000

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    Keep at it! This is an excellent thread. I have one request...when you have finalized your technique, could you abridge it? With all the experimentation, I'm a little confused as to what you have decided to be the best way to make the rim, tires, etc.
  13. B-Manic

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    I am very interested. Please keep up the excellent post.
  14. cgutzmer

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    I dont personally agree with one star but I dont think you can tell someone how or if they should rate a thread - thats why its there.
    </end thread hijack> ;)
  15. Gil

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    Moving On

    Hi All,

    I apologize to those who have been following the development. But input like this cannot be overlooked especially when the amount of time and effort involved are considered. For whatever motivation behind the individuals no confidence vote it has been cast and for that reason I have no reason to continue waisting their time here.

    For the record I was going to continue two other threads covering Spandau machine guns and Aluminum-Paper cowls.

    I have made enquiries at two other sites, one open and one closed about finishing up the development and the resultant tutorial. Both have given an open invitation.

  16. rlwhitt

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    That is really unfortunate Gil. A lot of people ARE interested, and many have voiced that interest. Why let one "misguided soul" ruin it?

  17. rmks2000

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    I concur GB!


    Whoever issued the one star has a right to voice his/her opinion, but can simply move to another thread. If you truly wish to be fully democratic, you could host a poll to see if this thread should continue here. I for one, do not feel it necessary. Keep this thread going! I am also tremendously interested in the other two you propose
  18. cgutzmer

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    You are going to stop just because one person gave the thread one star? Looks to me like the overall rating is 4 stars so I would say the people that want it far outweigh whoever had a problem with it. And who says the person really meant to give it one star? People make mistakes.... I for one am following this with great interest because I hope to make more of Mareks biplanes sometime soon.

    As a follow up this has been a difficult thread to follow but it has really been enlightening to me to see how you meet up with a problem and overcome it or work around it in a new way.

    I hope you stay!
  19. barry

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    I happen to like this thread even though I will never attempt it. I don't want some pillock spoiling my enjoyment just because they do not like it. All they have to do is not go into it. Maybe they would be so kind as to put the objection in plain view so we know to mark things as unsuitable for their consumption. In the meantime perhaps they would "shut the **** up" and learn some very elementary manners.

    Gil just ignore them them they are fishing.

    best wishes


    ps I think I am now old enough to be rude occasionally as in curmudgeonly old git.

    best regards
  20. Amazyah

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    I would never tell someone how to vote, that is a personal thing.
    I just used the stars to indicate what Gil said was true and that he wasn't pulling our leg. Apparently someone did lodge a complaint.
    We cannot just give up and quit though, just because of one sourpuss.
    If such were the case, why not just shut down this site.
    I am sure there is at least one person on this planet who thinks this site really sucks.
    So lets all just pack up and go home and quit cardmodeling because someone doesn't like it.
    Hah! That will be the day!:wink:


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