'68 Camaro

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  1. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member


    Here is my current "getting-back-into-the-swing" project - a '68 Camaro SS. This is a rework of Adrian Sinnott's old Paper Sportscar Models book, but redesigned / redrawn and blown up from 1/32 to 1/18 ( I like the bigger scale). The original car fit together very poorly.

    Judging by the most of the work on this site, my projects are pretty amateurish and simple, but I enjoy making them, so that is the most important. I have a tried and trusted formula that I like.

    I don't (can't) use programmes to design vehicles - I use Photoshop and draw 1 side profile reference / all panels and then mirror. Not very scientific, but it suits my purposes. To save printer ink (did I mention I was cheap?) I print in B/W and painting with poster paint / acrylic - the car has the first coat at this time . All chrome trim is tinfoil cut into strips / shapes, white pencil and silver pen for insignia. From a distance it is pretty passable. Curves can be a problem, but clever color use can be effective.

    The same floorplan can / be used for a '68 Firebird and '69 Camaro / Firebird with panel redesign. Here is a very early stage with the first coat. Paint / wheels / insignia / "chrome" trim etc. will follow.

    I will post pics of the build progression if interested.

    Ian B.
  2. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Like your choice of scale! - L.
  3. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Yeah man! Keep posting. It looks pretty good compared to my stuff. So keep at it.
  4. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    Ha! I should start posting more pics of my stuff, it'd make you feel better. :D

    If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it either.
  5. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Beautiful use of paper with other multimedia.., creativity doesn't come neatly wrapped for mass consumption. And also welcome aboard.

    Best regards, Gil

    P.S. Nice scale choice...,
  6. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member

    68 Camaro


    Thanks for your comments - much appreciated.

    I have 1/18 scale at the moment because that is the limit of my scanner / printer (Letter / A4). I am hoping to go bigger.

    I made a 1/12th '65 Mustang convert a few years ago as I wanted to put in the interior, but it just looked plain awful and I scrapped it. I hope to get to 1/12th or 1/10th if I can get the construction right / build panel by panel etc.

    Kind regards,

    Ian B.
  7. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    El Camaro

    Dixie: You have ABSOLUTELY nailed the beautiful body shape of my "formative" car.

    My Dad sold his business and retired in 1968, after having suffered a "mild" heart attack. With a little persuasion from then-17 year old me, Dad bought himself a little retirement gift: a 1968 Camaro RS, 327 Quad, Positrac, (but unfortunately, with Powerglide-Dad had had enough of DA CLUTCH and refused the son-recommended 4-speed)

    It was finished in Corvette Bronze, with a tan interior and the BVR (Black Vinyl Roof) popular in those bygone days.

    Teaching my Dad to drag race was really cool! He used to wear this kacker cap and bait MOPARS......

    Both Dad and the car are long gone, but the sight of any '68 Camaro always brings back lots of bittersweet memories. If you decide to produce yours as a kit, sign me up!

  8. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member

    Re: El Camaro

    Hi Fishcarver,

    Thanks for your note. It sounds like you had quite a car there and your Dad obviously had excellent taste :D . I like all cars of this period / pony / muscle, so I hope the '68 turns out OK. I have a problem to sort out as I used some wrong paint last night...but nothing too serious.

    I had not thought about making a kit of this, but you never know - depends how it turns out.

    Kind regards,

    Ian B
  9. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member


    I started putting on the "chrome" / tinfoil this evening, while I sorted out the correct wheel sizes / wheel types. I am really out of practice, so it will take a while. Anyway - the glued 'chrome' looks rough, but can be made shiny / smooth again by using a blunt utensil. Keeping the strips thin as possible is the most important I think - but any mistakes can always be redone. Wrong choice of paint did not help - I will switch brand / type next time.

    I had forgotten how relaxing this can be after running the daily BS gauntlet at work.

    Ian B.
  10. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Looks great

    Sweet Camaro, Ian.
    Don't knock your skills, it looks fabulous!
    The shape looks spot on, and I admire your work.
    Wish I could do so well.
    I love these cars, and wish I had one ; )
    Maybe after I get these pesky expensive teenagers
    out of the house and school.
    Love the postings, keep us informed of your progress.
  11. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member


    I spent a few hours playing with the 'chrome'. I found out that if you glue the sheet of tinfoil onto thin paper first, it is easier to cut and position (duh). I have attached a couple of pics, but daylight is better - evening pics are either too dark or too bright (the red looks washed out).

    The wheels are next - I left them until last so I can size them correctly for the body from a reference book. The remaining brightwork / insignia / body stripes etc. will follow.

    I pretty much have an idea as to what not to do for the follow-up'68 Firebird.

    Ian B.
  12. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member


    Slow going, but small details will be added a piece at a time (panel / hood lines. badges etc.).

    I have still not done the wheels, but I messed around witha few sizes and I found the right one. They will happen soon enough with chrome rims - I just need to get my lazy *ss in gear.

    Ian B.
  13. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Beautiful work! Regarding aluminum foil I've found that the use of square plate of window glass makes the job of smoothing the foil easy. Use 0000 steel wool to smooth and polish the foil prior to lamination. The difference from the before and after is fairly dramatic. Clear coat it when done to keep the bright shine from dimming.

  14. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member

    Thank you Gil and thanks for the tips - I will use that in future for chrome work.

    I need to get on anf nish this so I can move on to something else and a little bit bigger.

    Ian B.
  15. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    What have you decided for the wheel and rims? A muscle car like this needs an extra bit of tire with polished metal to make it all come together.

    Best regards, Gil
  16. DixieSatellite

    DixieSatellite New Member

    68 Camaro

    Hi Gil,

    I thought I would try the attached pic for the 3D wheel look - I just have to work out the correct depths and wheel build. Hopefully this weekend.

    Kind regards,

    Ian B.

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