56 Ford Customline

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  1. Mark Crowel

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    That's good. I'm glad he enjoys it. The cars we had when were young are our first automotive loves.
  2. Mark Crowel

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    More of Chris' Build Photos.

    Here are more photos of Chris Gutzmer's 1956 Ford Customline build.

    These are from Picasaweb photoalbums.

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  3. Mark Crowel

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    The album continues.

    Here is a continuation of Chris' build album.

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  4. Mark Crowel

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    Last batch.

    Here are the last four photos. A good build of a good subject. Who doesn't like the '56 Ford?:)

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  5. bilge

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    I also want to build one of these!
  6. Vyceroy

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    That is just an awesome little design.. Very nice indeed .. My father owned one in the early 60s

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