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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Freddo, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Freddo

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    Hi Again,

    Me here with "another" post regarding lighting for daylight film. Does anyone know if there will be any poor color quality on daylight balanced film if I use 5000K tubes I found available in a local Wal*Mart? I'd need only four which would only put me out $20 bucks which is better than plunging into a tungsten lighting kit (~$150 or so). All the other equipment (tripods, lenses, etc.) I've got and know really well how to use! It's just the lighting now...

    If I remember correctly daylight film is balanced for 5500K, these tubes are 5000K and I haven't got a clue if the difference of 550K in temp. will make a difference. Further, all this worrying of mine might be moot since the photos will have to be scanned anyway!

    Oh well...thanks again all of you...

  2. shamus

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    Hi Freddo,
    Those 5000K tubes might be okay, make sure that they are proper Daylight Fluorescent Tubes, mine are rated at 5500kelvin, and a perfect match for any photography.

    If you take a photo and find it's not quite the right colour, paintshop pro7 or similar proggy will alter the colours just the same.
    If you have any problems, just ask me.


    My Tubes are Philips TLD 58W's

  3. acshrpe

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    5000k bulbs? Sounds like you found them in the pet department. Many people use that watt bulb for their salt water fish, I know I do. They create no extra heat just a different kind of lighting. Example: broad spectrum light is better for birds and people vs. flouresant bulbs. Now I have you totally confused don't I. :D As far as for photos I have no experience in that, just the bulbs.
  4. tomfassett

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    Try looking at Home Depot or Lowes. They usually have 5K, 5.5K and 6K Daylight bulbs. I have the 5K bulbs in my layout room but use the 5.5K for pictures on the bench. Like Paul, I have found the 5.5Ks to be the best. The 5Ks tend to be a little bit red-ish and the 6Ks tend to be a little bit blue-ish... The 5.5Ks seem to have the best greens without washing everything out with a yellow tint like the 5Ks. In an aside, the digital camera seems to like the 6Ks better, so I usually have to "tweak" the color in Photoshop when I am not using the SLR...

    Tom F

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