4x10 Ho Layout (How does it look?)

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by newhaven, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. newhaven

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    :wave: Hello,

    I am new to the-gauge and actually haven't worked on anything for about 15 years. I have a room in the house my wife and I bought that I can use, although I am planning on making the first layout kind of small so I can still do other projects around the house.:cry:

    The layout attached (I hope you can see it) is approximately 4'x8' and is slightly modified from what I say on this site and others on layouts. I should explain a couple of things that stand out on the layout. It is not a 4x10 rectangle as I am using the two angled ends from a Christmas layout from my Grandpa that has long been taken apart so I am just using the bases. The layout has 18" radius track except for the two sidings that have a 15" radius curve.

    The layout is going to be a combination of memories and really isn't modeling any one area or line. As I said the base is going to be made up of some wood from my Grandpa's layout. I also plan to put a brewery to the left of the layout to model the old Drewery's plant in South Bend close to where my Dad was born. On the right side of the layout I may add a mining operation (ie. Walthers New River Mining Company) with some 'hills' or cliffs on that side. There will be a water feature near the brewery with all the bridges and such.

    I plan to run New Haven F7's as that was also a road name that my Grandpa had so i purchased the Athearn New Havens. From what I have read everything should run o.k.

    Finally the two mini sidings to the left are for possible future expansion, although that may not happen for a while. (As I said other projects to do around the house:( )

    I was wondering if anyone had any views on the layout. I am also looking for opinions as how this layout will be as far as railroad operations. Although I am just beginning to look at the Model Rail Operations section of this forum and that seems interesting as well.

    As I said this is as big as I plan to start with and it is a mis-match of different 'memories', but I am looking for opinions on what I have so far.:cool:

    P.S. - I have been very impressed with what I have looked at on this forum so far. I know this will be a great help as I try to get back into model railroading.:thumb:

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  2. interurban

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    Welcome to the-gauge Newhaven.
    The L/O looks good to me, and should provide good movement of equipment with the space you have :thumb:

    The folks will be here soon with some sound advice ;)

    Please keep us updated on the progress.
    Memories are a GOOD thing :thumb:
  3. Looks good

    looks a great layout for getting things started quickly!

    Plenty of space for scenery too.
  4. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    Welcome to the gauge NH. Fred
  5. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    Cool! I like it. And I like the link to yer grandad. I got some of my dad's models I look forwerd to using.

    TrainClown :)
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Hi newhaven!
    I think you're looking good here. The irregular shape of the table top adds interest and a little more room for scenary between the table edge and the track. Your plan allows for continuous running of a train that could either pick up or drop off cars at either industry. Since you have that passing siding on the left side of the plan you can accomplish this in either direction. Operations possiblilities will really increase if you expand off the oval with those turnouts on the curve as you planned. Trains could come onto the oval layout, pickup or set out cars and then exit the oval. You could have a small train waiting on the siding as another passed on the main. Even if your extentions off the oval were only two tracks on a narrow shelf you'd have a nice staging area for trains to come and go "off layout".
    Best wishes with this project!
  7. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear Member

    Looks good, NH. Welcome to The Gauge!
  8. newhaven

    newhaven New Member


    Thanks for the input and the reassurance to get me started. I started building the base for the plywood this week from left-over wood I bought for building a wall in the basement.:D I should have the legs on and the base and plywood completed by the weekend, hopefully.

    I have track to start playing around with, but need to get some more so the final design may change slightly based on the trials. This will be the time when I slow the progress a little bit to do the real building of the layout.

    I will post some things and probably ask for help on the HO scale thread instead of keeping this one going.:p

    Also looking at the station diorama that TomPM posted over the last month has encouraged me to look at a plastic switching tower that came with the old layout that I received and weather it. Since this will be the first time I figure that I could 'experiment' on it and with the suggestions by TomPM I am hoping it goes well. This will be something I do after the base and plywood are done.:cool:

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