4ft x 6ft HOn3 Layout

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  1. 20bucknutdave07

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    im new to HOn3...i converted from On30(too expensive for what i like) im using Blackstone K-27 engines which require an 18in radius. i was just wondering if anyone could help me out with planning of a small layout. i would like at least one main loop for continuous running but i would like to maximize the use of space without overcrowding. any and all help would be greatly appreciated....oh yeah im also new to zealot, so im looking forward to learning from everyone!

    Dave T.
    Krystal City & Gothic RR
  2. Mountain Man

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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you can get Masonjar's attention, he's quite good at this sort of thing. If you don't find him here, try him at the other forum. He has a real knack for layout planning. :thumb:
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    In HOn3 with 18" radius, you'd be best off looking at HO standard gauge plans. Not surprising, since Rio Grande 2-8-2s were as large as small standard gauge power.
  5. Squidbait

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    4x6 with 18" really doesn't give you many options - a loop with some sidings is about the best you can hope for. There's not really enough room for an up-and-over with anything less than 8% grades :eek:

    Here's a quick offering - it gives you two areas that you could develop as separate scenes if you put a view block diagonally across the middle of the layout - assuming you can get access to both of the long sides.

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  6. 20bucknutdave07

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    i just wanted to thank everyone for their help. again, i look forward to learning from those who've been in the hobby longer than myself.

    Dave T.
  7. Squidbait

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    What kind of space do you have available? You've asked for a 4x6, but that's a table - how much room around it do you have? You can get more layout with a shelf design than a free-standing table.

    Let us know how much space you've got - you might be surprised with what we can come up with for you. ;)
  8. 20bucknutdave07

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    unfortunately right now living in an apartment i have very little space...my wife has been very kind to let me invade her office and move her old twin bed out and let me set up a 4x6 layout there.....so basically im dealing with the space of a twin bed...plus an extra foot in width giving me the 4ft. i dont need a spiffy layout but i want to really utilize the space im given...i wanna make the most of it!

    Dave T.
    Krystal City & Gothic RR
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    I've had a 3x6 over/under figure 8 with a few sidings, 15" curves, and about 5% grades. It was fun, but my 2-8-0s did not like the curves. For your first layout in HOn3, I'd keep it a simple oval with a few sidings. But if you want to test the limits, you may want to look at this:


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