4501 Southern Steam 1984 photo

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  1. I all,

    Found these photos that I took back in 1984 or so, of 4501 Southern Steam. Photo was taken in New Orleans behind the old Cypress Grove Cemetary near the intersection of Canal Street, City Park Ave and Metairie Road. The tracks are along side of the Interstate 10. The steamer is on its way out of the Union Station and just past the Carrollton Junction on excursion run to Mississippi.
  2. Here is the Picture

    second try

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  3. another


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  4. 4501

    running past

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  5. Best Friend

    Also found these photos of replica of Best Friend of Charlston that was doing some publicity runs here in New Orleans in the French Quarter along the steamboat landing at the river. Photos were taken in Nov 1984.

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  6. 4501


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  7. best friend

    best friend, some how some of these photos got out of order, you should be able to figure which is 4501 and best friend.

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  8. Gary Pfeil

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    Nice photos! Just gotta love steam. I love that timber retaining wall in the first shot. How cool is that. Thanks.

  9. RailRon

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    After some looking back and forth I found the difference between the two: The stack of the Best Friend is a little bit higher! :D :D :D

    Seriously now: Great shots and beautiful steam. I love that passing shot of the 4501 front - you got her exactly in the 'rods down position'.


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