40K Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by leigh103, Mar 20, 2009.

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    nice job!
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    Great job on that.
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    Looks great, I really like how the paint looks. Can you spare any tips on how the paint was done?
  5. leigh103

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    I certainly can...

    Firstly I used inkjet card (printable card basically), so the paint wouldn't cause ripples. Then, I sprayed it with Bolt Gun Metal, using an airbrush so the paint was nice and consistent.

    Once all that was dry (about 5mins) I used a black weathering power to create soot marks around the engines and the engine pipes, and a brown weathering powder to add a little rust. I then added the blue (Space Wolves grey) to the wings, and highlighted the edges using a 50:50 mix of Bolt Gun Metal and Skull White.

    These are fairly old pics now - I've since neatend up the highlights and added rivots to the metal panels. I used Super Glue Gel blobs for the rivets - which came out quite well, but I've managed to source some Plasticard Rod (think it's .75mm) that's much better. I've also added some cannons to the front nose section, made from rolled up paper with a little added detail and painted black with metalic drybrush.

    Would post some more pics, but it's not had a proper cockpit for a while. I sculpted a new pilot, but not had a lot of time recently - been working on other non paper based stuff.


    INFIDEL!!!!!!:curse: ;)
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    haha, me and my friends are going to have a truely epic apocolypse game as soon as we get hold of that beast :D.

    Thank you so very much LOOL
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    This is one for me to add to my growing project list. I have a few friends that are going to want a few of these bad boys made up for them. Awesome work m8!

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