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Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by leigh103, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Hi people, I'm new here - but lovin what's going on!

    I've designed an Imperial Thunderbolt which should be ready to download from the downloads section (if the mods think it's ok :mrgreen:). It's designed to be more like a scratch built model, so there's no textures, but a fair amount of detail. It's meant to be made out of thick inkjet card - can get it off ebay cheap - some of your own detail added, and then painted like a normal model.

    I've made a few models off this site, and from my experiences I feel this model should be fairly simple to build. There's a lot of parts, but it's very structured - so should eliminate any fiddly bits :confused: I hope.

    I've not built one yet, I will get round to it, but I've only just this minute finished modelling it. I do have a pic tho... here for you peeps to check out.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    cool...nice job!
  3. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Pics are coming soon of the complete model. I've also made a few adjustments and reuploaded the file to the downloads section.

    Any comments/questions are very much appreciated.
  4. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thank you....

    I downloaded it and did some minor work on the plans. Right now I am building the Lightning but the Thunderbolt is definitely on my to do list. Very good start up basic plans, Just the way I like them. I do have a bad habit of over modifying basic builds, such as adding cockpit interiors, landing gears, engines and other stuff on the fuselage and wings. This is a break from the Battlestar Galalactica series. Waiting to see your pics and build series.

    Strength and Honor
  5. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Thanks for that - make sure you've got the latest version, it's much better. I'm happy to adjust it again if it needs it, or if anyone wants the 3d model to change it some more (maybe add texture) I'll be happy to upload it to my own server for download.

    Should have some pics today/tomorrow - I've built most of it, jsut needs some of the detail adding - but I'm happy with it overall.
  6. AoM

    AoM New Member

    Ok, I'm not seeing this in the downloads section. Am I just blind?
  7. AoM

    AoM New Member

    found it now, not sure why it wasn't there when I first looked. :/

    Edit: Aha! It's stuck in the moderation queue. I guess I'll look closer at it when it's available.
  8. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Ah... possibly coz of the changes I uploaded. Should be back on soon I guess - thanks mods!
  9. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Kk got most of the card model done!




    I've not glued the cockpit down, so I can get to it to detail it. It's also a little flimsy, so will need strengthening at some point.

    I was quite meticulous when making it. All the cuts were spot on, and evey fold was scored - and I think it's given it a nice sharp look about it. There's a few wonky bits, but I'll straighten them out during the next stage.

    I'm maybe going to add some plasticard panels, pilot, cockpit and paint - but was wondering if anyone's got any links (on this site or other) about spray paint that will go on card, or anyother method in getting some color on there??

    Don't want to buy some that'll just make it wilt!

    But overall I'm happy with it. It would look good with some texture on it, but like I siad, I just want the base on which to add stuff to - but if someone wants to add texture, just PM me, and I'll email the files.
  10. AoM

    AoM New Member

    one good way to seal things before you paint them is a nice coat of thinned white glue. paint it on over the whole model, and then you should be able to primed and paint as normal.

    I definitely recommend adding some plasticard (or just some thicker, cereal box-type cardboard) panels. the Forgeworld site has enough detailed pics that you should be able to work out a decent feel for where they should go. And if you do, I'd love a "template" set for making my own to go with your model.

    That model is looking great. If someone can team up with you to make some nice textures, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, that person isn't me, as much as I'd like to help.
  11. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    I'll probs need a template for the panels, if not just printing out the model again on some adhesive paper, and sticking it to the plasticard to cut out. Not all of it will need panels I guess, maybe just the wings and the rear section - but I'm open to suggestion if anyones got any better ideas.

    I'll defo sort something out tho.

    Thanks for you comments dude!
  12. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    After looking at the Forge World model and my model - the front was totally different, and mine pretty much sucked. I like some of the differences on my model, but these started to annoy me.

    So I redesigned it, cut off the pieces from my model and retro fitted the new pieces. It looks much better, and is finally complete as a card model.



    Unfortunatley, due to work and other stuff, this is as far as I can take this project at the minute - as far as the pepakura stuff is concerned. I'm going to finish the model this weekend hopefully, but any mods/textures or anything to the 3d file or pepakura file will have to be put on hold.

    However, I've uploaded the files to my own server, here and they are free to be altered by anyone else, and distributed to anyone - be good to see some textures on some of them, if someone's got the time to do it?

    I'll be defo adding more pics of the final piece in the next few days!

    Download .pdo, 3d model, sketchup file and instructions by clicking this link
  13. AoM

    AoM New Member

    Hmmm... I wonder if I know anyone that could texture the 3d model for me. then I'd just need to learn how to get the textures back into Pep.

    If I figure anything out, I'll let you know. You've made a great model, and if I fnd anyone that can help, I'll see what I can do.
  14. AoM

    AoM New Member

    btw, is this thing actually the same size as the FW model? I think I've only got 1 spare lascannon laying around, but I've got 3 autocannons I ended up with, so the weapons should be easily done. The only other details I'd really want to add would be the little fins/lights/whatever in front of the cockpit, the fuel tubes running to the top of the engines, and the heat vents on the sides under the tubes.

    I just noticed that the back ends of the engines on the FW model are a lot shorter than yours. I might have to learn how finally muck about in Sketch-Up to change that before I find someone to texture it. With your permission, of course.
  15. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    No permission needed - anyone's free to change it, I would really like it if people made it there own.

    Most of the inaccuracys have been put in on purpose. I only really made it to have as a model - I don't really game any more. I've listed the changes I made below.

    It should be the same size - however it could be a little smaller then the FW model. A lot of the design was based around making it simple to build as a model, and that has limited the size slightly with it having to go on A4 sheets. But a small amount of effort could get this pretty spot on with the original.

    - rear engines are longer
    - cockpit is more streamlined - the FW one is more square
    - the rear of the engine sections, the bits where the rear engine covers are attached, are actually slanted. I left made them straight so it was easier to glue the rear engines on
    -I think there's a few guns under the nose, but I wasn't sure what they were, so left them off

    All the rest of the details (on my model anyway) is going to be added using modelling materials, as the pipes and things would be too hard to made out of card. Also in the download I've put in the sketchup file, and the .kmz file (google maps). The .kmz is the model I exported to pepakura - so maybe texture could be added directly to that? IN Photoshop CS4, you can paint directly onto 3d models. Or other 3d apps should be able to read the .kmz file, to be textured/altered.

    Once I'm sorted with work, and have more free time, I can defo pick it up again if no one else has.
  16. leigh103

    leigh103 New Member

    Quick update - I've managed to get some paint on this mofo, and I'm fairly pleased with it!


    I'm not finished with the cockpit yet - still needs a pilot. I also want to add insignia on there, but I've not decided on anything just yet.

    It's still avail for download, but I'm currently changing webservers atm, so it's back in the mod queue coz of the URL change.

    Be good to see any pics of anyone else's Thunderbolt models they've made!
  17. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far and with more to come, even better. Eventually I will give it a go but right now I am in the middle of my Chimera version.
  18. Nathnem

    Nathnem New Member

    Looks grate


    Sweetness. :)
  20. romontic

    romontic New Member

    thanks for your sharings

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