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    Just an FYI, I tend to mostly use plain ol' Elmer's and use the Loctite Super Gel for tacking things together, if necessary. Post pics of your build!
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    and Zathros will surely mention the toxicity of the vapor of superglue which makes it inapropriate for heavy use.
    I use both white glue and UHU glue depending. Even some times when laminating large pieces some spray glue from 3M meant for the back of photos
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    I hope I don't come off as a "jerk" about this. I know quite a few modelers who have P.M.'d me about how they can't even be in a room with the stuff as any part of their uncovered skin breaks out in a rash. I still use the stuff, very occasionally. I fixed a broken piece of a pulley in my MG 16 years ago, and it still is holding! I used the catalysts with it which speeds up the process, and I also used the "Gel" type of Crazy Glue. We're all adults here. Just gotta be careful and aware of what we're doing.

    I found that 3M would let loose in about two years. I was using PhotoMount Maybe they have changed the formula? :)
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    I don't think you come out bad, it is a legitimate warning, that glue has use but not for everything.
    For the photomount you know for how long I have been doing paper modeling (not a year yet), which means I don't have the required 2+ years of experience, I hope I wont have bad surprises
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    I know I tried the original photmount glue, and just didn't get the stick I was looking for. The other issue I found with it is that it ran the colors off the printed side of the cardstock if I over applied with the glue stick. I was using the 3M stuff that goes on purple and dries clear, I can't recall the exact brand. When I applied it to printed side, it would strip the "ink" right off, even days after printing out all the card parts. I got through the leg of warhound titan before scrapping it and starting my rus. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

    I've been using super glue routinely in a ventialated area with no issues so far, except getting my fingers stuck a few times. Helps with all the broken Gobots I saved from being a kid that my son plays with now too lol.



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