40k MkI SM Vindicator ... help!

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    Hello all.

    So, here's the issue: I've won an old MkI Space Marine Vindicator off eBay. Great! It'll be coming unassembled, etc. Without instructions.

    The attached picture show the item's image. red-marked pieces are pieces I can work out, green are extra plastic pieces thrown in with the item, and yellow are pieces I don't know about (look like rear armour plate, dozer blade and mount). Can anyone help? I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Also, if this is in the wrong section, could a moderator move it? I couldn't work out where help requests went, and this is the only real forum I can call on for help that i can think of.

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    I would EMail Forgeworld as it looks to be their conversion....
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    This one of their older versions and has a lot of metal parts. When finished, it has to be handled with care since the metal parts want to come off. Take a bottle of super glue with you if you intend to to use it for table top wargaming. You can try to use the body and parts from Patoroch's models to make it into a mixed media model. For more info on it, browse Dakadakka site for info and possibly a build thread on it. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/forums/list.page

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