4 x EE Lightnings

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by nikischutt, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. nikischutt

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  2. Kaz

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    Love the EEL's Thats what we had flying over Cambridgeshire when I was just a nipper. those and the Canberra's

    Good photo's, too. Thanks
  3. Stev0

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    We had our local airshow this month... all I can say is I am glad I didnt go because it seems like the organizers are clueless.

    Same local aircraft every year. Kiowa's, Seakings, blah blah blah....


    Every other airshow has something worth seeing. Ours is run of the mill everyday aircraft and absolutely nothing from other eras but what we fly.
  4. Rick Thomson

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    Hey Steve, keeping a Seathing in the air for five minutes is pretty impressive...

    Just being slightly sarcastic about their still being in service...40 years now isn't it?
  5. rocketeer390

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    Any free EE Lightning paper models out there?
  6. nikischutt

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    One advantage of South African airshows, the SAAF has some pretty unique active aircraft, like a turboprop powered dakota and some awesome museum aircraft like the Shak and Mirage F1. Plus the airforce test flight and development centre (TFDC) has some cool aircraft like the Mi24 Super Hind and recently German Airforce Tornados, they almost always send those aircraft to airshows. Another spectacular display, an Airbus A340-600 doing a low-level (20 metres off the runway) display, such a big jet is awesome to see up close.

  7. Stev0

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    Yeah. The funny thing is that IMP in our area works on many from Saudi Arabia and we don't hear much about them crashing. The seakings we have are rather old but there is alot of new 'gear' in them. One guy I worked with who was a former aircrewman said our seakings were '1000's of rivets flying in formation'. Our seakings have a newer engine in them and the last major mishap we had where a seaking crash landed on it's side was because the newer engine was near to incompatible with the craft's electrical system which became quickly overloaded after liftoff.

    Again. Our airshows are generally low cost affairs that in my opinion only loosely apply as an airshow. I think it's been over 10 years since we had any WW2 aircraft at an airshow (lancaster) I know these planes are disappearing with time but this airshow needs at the very least some Soviet aircraft to sex up the whole affair.
  8. Rick Thomson

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    Lancs are a pretty rare bird, but you would think that a few Tiger Moths, Harvards and Mustangs would be easy enough to round up. The Snowbirds are a good team, but let's face it they are flying an aircraft that is older than the pilots, and less impressive in performance than the two aircraft flown by their predecessors (Sabre Mk6 and the T-33).

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