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  1. nick1

    nick1 New Member

    Does anyone know how the 4-tec electric car is? I am thinking about getting one with the esc and radio for 200 from tower. I am going to be racing it on a clay oval. The electric's seem to do better on that small of a track than the gas. I have a gas right now and it seems the electric's run smoother on the track. but anyway i was just aksing how the 4-tec was and if it is worth it? Or is there any other car that is better for around 250 or less? i found a trinity for 120 on tower it needs a radio,servo charger, and speed control. Thanx for your time.
  2. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    I have a 4tec and was verry pleased with its performance. It is a nice strong 4wd lay out and I have not yet broke a belt and no rocks have gotten caught in the drive train, even after a alittle trip down a gravel road! The tec is verry tuneable and traxxas and alot of other companys make some wicked aftermarket parts. There is also the tc3 and tc4 but those I belive are around 220ish and they are also good cars! For the price of a 4tec it is verry reasonable and worth it, and they are awsomely strong!
  3. i also have a 4-tec and so far its been running good and i just got a new radio for it because mine just went bad from me acidently spilling water on it dumb me. but yea get the 4-tec their durable and thetr pretty good on da track
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