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  1. Has anyone bought one of the old time american 4-4-0 locomotives from IHC...I just got one the other day.....they are a very fine looking model....however i have not been too successful in getting it around the layout....the pick up of electricity is very touchy.....i was thinking that there may be a way to make additional pick-ups using a car following the tender with pick-ups...has anyone tried this type of arrangement.....and if so any suggestions.......
  2. Woodie

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    Tender pickup

    Is the tender also wire for pickup?
  3. tender pickup

    the tender has pick ups on it.....both trucks gather the power of one rail....the other side of the circuit is thru the opposite side set of wheels on the locomotive........i was thinking of a car wired to the tender (where the motor is) coupled directly behind the tender and with one truck to pick up each rail....think that would work?:confused:
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    If one side of the tender is wired, and the other side of the loco, then that would prvide for multiple pickups per track. If it were only single wheel pickup on either side then I could understand then connectivity problem. If there are multiple pickups, and your other loco's run OK, then I would be looking further than adding additional contacts. You may solve the problem, by pypassing the actual problem. (ie contact problem with the brushes on the wired wheels or brushes problem in the motor etc.)

    Or is it only turnouts you are having problems?
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    I have IHC's Consolidated with the same delinquency. The upgrade is easy because the tender's are already wired for the back-up light. The wiring can be via a plug and connector or direct with adequate lead for flexure and service. In my case, I was adding a decoder, so the interconnection was required anyway, but the improvement in power pick-up was a definite improvement. Lots of luck, Jim
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    I too have an IHC Consolidated but both the tender and loco are wired for pickup and it never stalls (can't say that for my lifelike diesels). In fact I can run the loco by holding it in the air and touching the tender to the track.
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    Let me clarify... :) Your 4-4-0 has the motor in the tender? I have the later version (1920s or so), and its motor is in the boiler... Just curious...


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