3ft Normandy SR2

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Chilihead-Do, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    I started this monster yesterday.

    As you can see, it will be big:

  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    As I said in the other thread, really coming along nicely. You got a lot done in a short time. Don't rush it though. Unless you are able to work at that speed and it doesn't affect quality, which it doesn't look like it has so far. It's when you start putting it together, you noticed any errors, such as the sides not matching or crooked pieces. Excellent job! :)
  3. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    Thanks, I started with the easy looking parts.
    There are no assembly instruction, so I often must have a look to the pepakura model.
    This will decrease speed when it becomes complicated.
    At it will become VERY complicated I think. :)

    Speed is not important to me.
    A nice looking model is by far more important.
  4. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    She's growing slowly, 63cm so far:

  5. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Awesome work Chilihead-Do , she is going to be a big one.:thumb:
  6. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    Oh yes, Pepakura says, she will be about 120cm :mrgreen::thumb:
  7. F131

    F131 Member

    Watching with great interest!
  8. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    reached 100cm, impressive :twisted:

  9. Nosports

    Nosports Member

    And how do you keep it straight and true ?
  10. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    Hmm, at the moment she's a flabby piece of paper.
    But when the whole first part of the fuselage is done,
    thoughts will flow and you'll see :)
  11. F131

    F131 Member

    Any new updates.
  12. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Grale posted the following:

    Due to a number of issues i'm abandoning this project. I will sadly not be posting any other updates.

    SJSquirrel has a terrific project going and you should check out his work.

    This is more than likely because I told him to make sure when he posts a model he has NEVER made, to tell people that so they won't spend their time, effort, and money on ink and paper, without knowing before hand that it is just a picture of a model, and, as I said, has never been built by anyone. He also stated that he did not have time and it would ne a "while' before he got back to it.

    It isn't fair to do this. If someone posts a model, they should tell people there may be problems, and definitely tell people that it has never been built before. I don't know many who would waste their time like that. I know people who build Beta models all the time. They usually build Beta models that the designer has built, and wants to see if someone else can build. I don't know any designers of merit that throw models to the wind, or do so without fair waring.
  13. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    I will keep on trying to finish the model.
    Currently I'm building the nose and encountered some problems.
    It seems that some of the little parts don't match 100%.
    I assume there're some problems with the alliance color texture.

    I asked Grale for the unlocked .pdo file.
    Without it, there's no chance to correct appearing errors.
    Would be a shame if this model will die. :-(
  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I may have scared him off. That's my fault. I am trying to maintain a standard of honesty, and when someone tells me, in a sense, that they really don't care, that annoys me, a lot. If would he have built it first, he would have found the problems. He should have been up forward about it. I will take the blame. I went back and forth with him on this, but in the end, he pulled it when I told him too, and he has no intention of fixing it.
  15. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    That's the problem with most Game-ripped models. The creators don't make the meshes to fit properly, they create them to look good when the parts move in the game. The Quickest and easiest way to do this is to overlap the parts.
    This makes it nearly impossible to simply throw the 3D model into pepakura and click "unfold".
    If you want to convert a game-model into buildable paper, you'll need to spend a lot of time in your 3D software altering and simplifying the mesh and more often than not, re-align the UV texture layout as well. Its doable but in the end, altering a game-model takes longer than just creating it from scratch yourself.
  16. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    Perhaps you scared him off, but there are rules and to create a papercraft model, it needs more than to unfold a captured ingame model and play around with pepakura.
    I have no problem to build such a model, when I know to have backup from the creator.
    What makes me really angry is that he throw away the model and don't even answer to my pm if he agree to send me the unlocked .pdo file.
    So he avoids any chances to correct his work.
    Sorry, but in my opinion he behaves as a kid with a stolen soother. :-(
  17. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Well, I don't want to go that far, but I would like to keep a standard of behavior, and that standard is what I have observed from the members here. I came on as a moderator, and saw people behaving on a level that most forums could only dream of. I wish to maintain this level of civility to the best of my ability. I would hope he comes back. I doubt it, but I do hope he comes back and finishes the model.

    When you see someone like Sjssquirrel, working to make a model, to perfection, engaging the community,while building the model. Doing the graphics and making something listening, and involving himself and others, that, is truly "Designing a model". He sets a high standard. Not only as a designer, but as a member. His standard is not one to run away from, but one to embrace..

    I pushed on this because I suspected what was happening, and I took some heat for it, but I am trying to protect those who are members of this community, and deserve honest, straiht forward information about any model that is offered up to build.

    Expecting someone to print out 52 pages worth of anything, and not having even built the model, it is absolutely pretentious and callous. It will not be allowed.

    Just a simple statement, "I have not built this model, this is an experiment, build at your own risk", would have prevented of this. Abandoning this model like this means I personally offer no protection for it, and I don't care what happens to it.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a forum like this and just admiring the work of others. Making comments of admiration and support do much, believe it or not. That is totally fine.

    Sorry for the inconvenience I have caused..
  18. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Some people carry their feelings about on their shoulders. Personally, I know I have released a few models without properly beta-testing them, but those models I designed from the ground up to be paper models and had a better than average chance of being buildable. I don't do that anymore, though, other than the Star Destroyers I unfolded in December, and I did provide plenty of warning that they were game files and not designed to be paper models.

    Along the same subject, I believe that if you're going to post on an open forum, you should expect criticism and be able to handle it without, effectively, picking up your ball and going home. Grale was told that he needed to warn people about his model being a simple unfold, and his response was to pack up and leave without so much as a "see ya later, fellers." I find that behavior offensive to say the least, as it betrays a certain immaturity and an inability to handle being called on mistakes. I'm of the opinion that intelligent, rational people don't behave like that, and I abhor the opposite, so naturally I don't have much sympathy for Grale.

    With that being said, I feel that Zathros was well within his rights to tell Grale to put up a warning or take down the model. It's not being hateful or condescending; it's a simple courtesy to do that, and to refuse to follow the honest advice of a moderator is certainly not the appropriate response to being asked to do so.
  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Let's not close the door on Grale though. He certainly has promise. I would like to see him continue. If he came back with that in mind, he would find me most accepting. He was not booted out of here,and was no given any infractions. I knew that e was going to generate negative sentiments though. I think he did not realize that. So, let's let it rest.

    SJS is going to have the definitive model on this anyways. ! :)
  20. Chilihead-Do

    Chilihead-Do Member

    I think we should let him rest.
    Please don't goof on him.
    Grant him a break and we'll see if he comes back and continues his work.

    I agree in all terms to Zathros, but I also knew that this model was beta.
    Anyway I printed it out and started to build it, knowing that there could be problems.

    In my opinion the REAL problem is that he gave up this model and blocks any options to correct upcoming errors, forcing me to give up building this.
    It's a pity, because this model was perfect for my RC-Submarine-Project.

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