3D-er new to, & curious about, card modeling

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by pterochromics, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. pterochromics

    pterochromics New Member


    I got the link to this site from my 3D mail list.

    I use trueSpace 6.5; had started off with tS1 back around 1991 or so.

    The notion of modeling in various media has always interested me, and I'm now trying to learn how to model some of my things in paper. Although I've been teaching myself how to model buildings and landscapes, I'm starting with a vase-like thing.

    I'm also trying the Pepakura demo. Since the vase is hollow, tho', Pepakura is having difficulty unfolding it. The 500 polygon limit is also rough on me, because I am a high-poly modeler (a.k.a. "obsessive re: details"). I'm trying to divide up the vase to see whetehr Pepakura can digest the pieces more easily than the whole.

    I have no idea whetehr it'll work (current problem is the 3D slicing), but at any rate, I have to say that the things I've been seeing here on this site are a whole new world to me. One sees the plastic models, but the Yamamoto from *paper*? That's pretty cool.

    Since I also like fooling around with all sorts of paints, urethanes, metals, and finishes in general, I'm looking forward to trying out a few "artsy-fartsy" items, especially since cardstock is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than buying the equipment required for things like pottery and even in-depth woodworking.

    I didn't seem much in the way of arts items in what I saw of the galleries, so who knows, maybe I've finally figured out something new <LOL!> In any event, I've always wanted to find some affrodable way to try to translate some of my 3D designs into a physical form, and this card modeling looks like it might have some real potential in this regard.

    Anyway, I'm reading through the various tips'n'tricks, and so on; thanks to all the folks who've been willing to share their know-how.

    Wish Me Luck =;-) !

    - Kris
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Welcome aboard and enjoy.

    Try splitting your 3D designs into several pieces before using Pepakura. When it gives the warning it usually means that it is going to produce random triangle art on the developed page. Pepakura can only unfold "developable surfaces" which generally means "keep it simple" for desirable results. Simple also builds easier and better. Use various medium to fill and smooth the "voids" sand and paint. Using regular cardbord first soaked with melted styrofoam in xylene will give you a water resistant building material...., well, you get the point, just use plenty of imagination and you'll soon not have enough time to get all the projects done.

    Best regards, Gil
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