33' Hoppers - Anyone got a source?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by 2-8-2, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I'm looking for 33' open hopper cars, undecorated...or more preferrable...data only. However, I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone have a source for these?
  2. I know the feeling as im in search of them cars to repaint them into the NYO&W hoppers they once owned. so i guess ill have to strip as much as i can and decal them.
  3. inkaneer

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    1. Where have you tried?

    2. Are these the MT hoppers?

    3. Does it matter if ribbed or offset side?
  4. pooka2hot4u

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  5. umtrr-author

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    You might do better to order up some of the Canadian Pacific 33 foot hopper "runner packs" from MTL that are coming mid-next year (if you can wait that long). Removing the lettering should be fairly easy. The street price on these cars should be in the $10 to $11 range since the four pack lists for $50.

    In addition, once in a while you can catch a deal on the Atlas fishbelly side hoppers. There's a lot of seven Western Maryland cars out there right now, for example. You'd have to repaint since they're oxide red and the O&W cars were black.

    There is a comparatively large amount of lettering on the GN car which will take some work. I wouldn't sand, by the way. There is a product called "Easy Lift Off" which has worked pretty well for me with MTL cars (and great with the newer Atlas cars as well). It's made by Polly S (actually RPM). An 8 fluid ounce container of the stuff cost me $6.25 and it's lasted me two years so far.
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    well you guys know what i mean. i say sand because i used to mod airsoft guns before, and with those you use sandpaper alot, but whatever works best for you.

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