3' Sulaco Beta Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Nov 28, 2007.

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    I still haven't got a printer worked out, but did get the black and white, no textures version printed up. I just have to pick it up from the printer. It's always something. Doh! I even talked to Skip about making a "Paper To Plastic" thread on it. Right now though I'm trying to work on the Fiberglass Enterprises. It's not for want, or desire, it's just....... life. I WILL get to it sooooon!:thumb:

    Your work looks great and is really inspiring me to get a move on. I'll have to see if I've got the textured version.
  2. Well I have assembled the lower antenna thing. I have also built a stand but am still trying to figure out how to mount the model to it. Here is a couple of pics.

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  3. Well folks I have tried something and would like your input on how it looks.
    I have printed out a set of hanger doors and installed them on the model. Good , bad ,or Ugly let me know what you think.:oops:

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    Looks good to me Knight.:)

    I've done asolutely nothing with the Sulaco. I think too much time has passed and I just can't get back into this one. Feel free to take the model and add to it or create the panels to your taste.

    You know how it is, something captures your imagination and that's it. Old projects get forgotten about.

    Sorry I didn't come through and complete the whole design.
  5. Thanks for the input Skip:thumb:. I will try to do something with her and try not to let ya down. I am sorry to here you are not into it anymore but there are a bunch of talented people in here and maybe someone will pitch in and give me a hand at finishing it up. Mine is big enough to put a lot of detail into or just to build it plain. I am shooting for somewhere in between. Good luck on your other projects and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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    What's left to do? There doesn't seem to be that much left to finish it, or am I misunderstanding the detail that's on this ship? Anyway, I think you've done a great job on the ship Skip and the build looks fantastic KS!:thumb:

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    If I can work on a freakin' design for almost 2 years on and off (that I didn't have on my list), then you can too. ;)
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    Yeah, but when the interest is gone, that's it. It's no longer fun if you have to force yourself to do something. That's when the hobby doesn't feel like a hobby.

    I'm not saing I'll never come back to it. I just can't see it any time soon.

    I am sorry for letting people down on it but I can't help being inspired by something else. See I've not just done this paper Sulaco, I scratchbuilt one too last year so I've had the Sulaco in my face for a lon time. It's just time for a change.
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    Skip, I TOTALLY feel where you're coming from! When you have to force yourself to even look at something...... It can be maddening.

    Do what you got to do man.:thumb:
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    Very cool, but isn't that the mining station that's supposed to be on the planet, from Aliens? did he finish his model? Was that CG, or a built up Sulaco?
  12. Ok guy's I need help. How much detail is wanted for the as released version? I have some panels drawn up and scaled but for the little one I think it will be to much tedious work to put them on. I am going to need some input from the people that is or wanting to build this thing. I am including a pic of some of the work done so far. Let me know.

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    I'm only interested in the large one, so I would care much about the little one. What do you use to make your parts. I know you told me before, but that was several conversations ago and my mind isn't what it used to be LOL!

    I ask because I have a mesh around here somewhere and maybe I can help.:mrgreen:

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    big or little, you can never have too much detail.
  15. It's kinda crazy but I open the mesh in Pepakura designer and turn off all the parts but one set. Then I rotate them until they are straight and screen capture them. Then I open Paint Shop Pro 10 and paste as a new image. I then go thru and clean them up and texture them. Then I scale them with the development from skip and TA DA we have panels. I have quite a few finished. I just wanted to know how much was to much. Detail is in the eye of the beholder. I am almost tempted to go thru and retexture the whole ship and release the panel sets for those who want to build big and detailed. That way the base model has panel lines and the builder can go from there. I don't know I am open to suggestions.

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    ^^^ whatever you think is best. I'm just looking forward to getting everything together and having the time to build it.:mrgreen:
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    That example you posted is exactly the sort of thing I'd planned for it Knight. Well done! This is going to be awesome!
  18. Thanks:thumb:. I still have not figured out how to show where they go on the model yet. We will get there I hopewall1.

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    That was one I'd realised. I'd keep them together as you have in the pic you posted, then give that group a number. The number to match the corresonding part of the base model that the detail panels attach to. I neer thought of that before. LOL
  20. See you are still doing it I am just doing the work. You make a great idea man:mrgreen:!!!

    No really thanks for the advice and help. I am glad i can take what you have done and help complete the project. Thanks again Skip.

    Also anybody else has any good ideas chime in! I am new to this much design work and I am sure I don't know all the pit falls that are waiting for me on this.


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