3' Sulaco Beta Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. OylPslyk

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    umm, hence the grey mention... lol (nice catch tho!)
    but yes I do happen to have an old pen plotter in the attic! lololol
  2. Master-Bruce

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    Oyl,I could but not anytime soon buddy. It'd mean going back to the Pep file and disabling textures and then re adding what I did to the coloured version.

    Black ink is cheaper than colour. How about printing it in greyscale,using black ink only? Just a thought for the time being until I do something like that.
  3. OylPslyk

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    I'm actually going to do it in both versions, there is only a very few fragics on the hull, just panel lines and a few #'s and stuff here and there - but I'll detail more about all that in the thread later.. lol
  4. Ok guy's since nobody else is going to post any builds or pics I guess I will. I do think that other than a couple of folks here we have allot of ghost builders out there. Come on Guy's how else is the designer going to know how much we appreciate the time and effort they put in? My builds are not as good as say Nothings or Skulp's but I still post them.

    Ok down off the soapbox now.

    I decided to upsize mine to 2X the size of the original. Her length will be 51.5" or a little over 4 and a half feet. I did retexture her to be a little more busy due to her size.

    Here is the keel block built I put the beat up orig. model behind it to give a scale to compare to. I will try to keep up the posts until it is complete with all of the detail parts that are coming. If I make a change I will post it here. If you have any questions about your own builds, Ask me I have built two of them. Enjoy:thumb:

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  5. Nothing

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    hey knightstalker, i think you you give me way too much credit on my builds but thank you. you do a very fine job on what ive seen you build. although im not ready to build this one yet, i am following youre progress closely. keep up the good work!!
  6. Thanks Nothing I try. However I think I have to many irons in the fire at this moment so this might take awhile.

  7. OylPslyk

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    don't do it... just don't make me do it...
    ok you made me do it,
    I'm gonna say it...

    Cool Beans!, yea i said it...sign1
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    Lovely! Lookin forward to seeing this bad boy take shape. I'll be back at the detail set soon so I'll send you the pages as they become ready if you like?

    I think this thread is going to invaluable to help others build the base model AND to aid them in attaching the detail set panels. I'm not sure how to instruct their positioning yet.

    Thanks for the big up on my building. Though like nothing I think you give me too much. :) If you look back through all of my build threads, I've yet to complete a build this year! :( Something I have to work on that.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for giving the Sulaco your time.
  9. CJTK1701

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    Hey, I think it's great you're doing it. I fully intend to do one and can't wait to get started on it, however it is a bit of a build and I'm trying to build myself up to it. Like a lot of other modelers I tend to get sidetracked. Looking forward to more of your build pics.:thumb:
  10. skupilkinson: Send away I will be happy to help and I really like this ship. And thanks for the encouragement. CJTK1701 I think you are one of the ones I included in the few who post comment. I just like to see what others are doing with their models. I enjoy this hobby because I have spent the last 30 years building plastic models and the only time you were able to see anybody's work was at contests. Here you all are friendly and helpful and make anybody feel like part of the community not just a member of a site. As for the pics I will try to get some more up today. Just as a side note I think everyones models look great!!!!!

  11. Just a quick post of some update photos.:thumb:

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  12. Alright here is an update. She is 27" long and 8" tall right now for those of you keeping track. I have used the internal braces provided in the kit because of her size. Those of you building the small version should not need them as it is plenty strong enough to stand up to grand children. Everything is building very smooth and straight (Just remember to build the keel block straight and true and the rest builds off of it.) no problems from alignment due to the enlarging process.

    Skulp: Is there a chance of seeing a set of front hull hanger doors in these detail sets? I am not trying to rush or find out sooner, I am just wondering if I will have to make a set. It will be no problem if you want me to do it since I don't think they will be missed on the small model.

    Ok now for some pics::thumb::wave:

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  13. CJTK1701

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    Whoot! Man you're rollin! I just got some ink today. I got my system to print in black and white, but I couldn't get the color to work, however, today I think I may be able to get things going. Really, I can't wait to get this built!

    Lovin your build up man, keep it coming!:thumb:
  14. Master-Bruce

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    Bravo!! Looking great buddy. Hanger doors won't be a problem. I'll add those to the first page I'm doing and send it.

    Don't forget to add that texture to the detail set or it may look odd. Keep up the BIG work. :)
  15. I am going to have to get more ink as this is sucking the blue right out of these things. You cam E-mail it to me zipped up or tell me where to go get it. My Email is jpetrel1atcoxdotnet I can receive emails up to 5 megs. If you would like I can send you the texture I am putting on her maybe it will help. I am looking forward to seeing this one done! It's going to be huge.

    BTW I thought I was the only one to be on here at 3 A.M.!!

  16. Master-Bruce

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    Ah, well I'm in the UK so it was 8a.m here.
  17. Nothing

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    looking good! i cant help but notice it looks like yours is textured.(not just solid blue) what did you do to it?
  18. Alien99

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    Shape of the Sulaco looks cool, but it need some really sexy texture.
  19. kingofprd

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  20. Master-Bruce

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    Stunning Textures! Hey Jan/Aliens 99, does this mean you've made a start on your Sulaco?

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