3' Sulaco Beta Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Cool I got it now. When is the release coming??? Not trying to push or anything.:mrgreen: But the boss has brought home a new ink cartridge and labeled it the sulaco. I am starting to get goose bumps!!!!!!!!
  2. modelnutz7

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    Hi Knightstalker,

    You're not alone i am building away very slowly, had a problem with the long base part It warped so I've made a new start using heavier card. Admire your build. :thumb:


  3. Hey model, I use 110lb card and my first one warped to. I have a metal building board with magnets i use for building my radio controlled planes that I ended up having to use to keep my 2nd one straight. Try to post some pics of your build and problems here so we can all share.:wave:

  4. Last update for tonight. Here are some pics.:wave:

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  5. ekuth

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    FRAK ME, Knight!

    Looks great, and I'm amazed that you completed the Rodger Young so quickly... damnation, man!

    Seeing the Sulaco against the Young definately gives some indication of the size of this baby, too. The Young is no slouch, and it looks like the Sulaco is keeping pace!

    Hmmmmm.... time to get working on the Uber Big Galactica again. :rolleyes:
  6. Master-Bruce

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    Again,it's looking good. You're building this very quickly, I see you've made progress on the engine exhaust too.

    As for the release, I'm still at it but I've been all over the place lately. I'm unfolding another BSG ship for the fleet. I'm building the Tumbler as a trial run for a larger scaled up build. I'm gathering reference for a Batman project. Getting ready for another collaberative project with Clauido. Plus it's Christmas now(December) so it's getting busier here with all the usual chaos that goes with it.

    Oh, and texturing the Sulaco. :) Safe to say I've made myself a very busy little boy. I didn't think you were tryin' to be pushy.

    I'm aiming for a Christmas release, so expect it in a few weeks. ;)
  7. CJTK1701

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    Excellent job KS527! Thanks for the updates, can't wait to see it finished.:thumb:
  8. I am so excited a couple more weeks:wave7:!!!!
    Yes the exhaust is coming along I needed a break from those antenna . This may be a little off topic but a couple of people have commented on it so I figured id show it . I stopped work on the Rodger Young to work on the Sulaco so it's not quite finished and I am changing a couple of thing to bring it a little closer to the studio model. It is a great model but just want a little more accuracy and yes it's a MONSTER (COOOOOL).
    Any way here are the pics and I will post more Sulaco pics when I get more done. We had a Ice storm last night and the power has been hit and miss here so it may be awhile. Enjoy:wave:


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  9. Master-Bruce

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    Looks fantastic.
  10. ninja_doc

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    Very nice! If only I had the room...the time...

    Ah well, beautiful build!
  11. Ok Skip don't shoot me!!!!!:p But I have taken some liberties with your design.
    On the antennas I have laminated them to heavy card stock and this has greatly increased the speed of the build and lowered the anxiety level. If you wish I will reprint them and build them the way you have on the beta release.
    But since you are on the other side of the pond I figure you will not show up on my doorstep and hide the ship in warm dark place:mrgreen:. I will try to post some pics when I get new batteries for my camera.

  12. Master-Bruce

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    Right! How much is a plane ticket to Kansas?!!

    Not at all! :) That was what I was trying to say in an earlier post. The antennea were intended for that method of construction. The parts just needed adjusting in the texturing phase.

    I'm just sorry I didn't mention it sooner.

    I don't blame you at all for making it easier on youself. This is a beta anyway right?
  13. Hey folks how about some update pics. I have the top turret and side posts to go and we will be done. I hope ya like Skip I think it has turned out well. I am looking forward to seeing the others.:wave:

    BTW Skip I live on the other side of the OZ so plane tickets are REALLY expensive!!!!!:cry:
    But if you want come on over and we will have a beer!!aussie

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  14. Master-Bruce

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    Looks amazing! Even in white. I love this ship.

    Knight, you've done a great job on it. Should I ever find myself in your neck of the woods on the other side of the world, the beers are on me my friend. ;)

    Now I know it all fits, I can push on with the textures at full speed. I've just finished the BSG ship I had, so now I almost completely free for this puppy.
  15. SWEEEEEET!!!!!!! :mrgreen: I cannot wait for this. I am going to have a large scale Saluco for Christmas! Glad you like. I will post the final pics when she is done.

  16. Master-Bruce

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    Oh I like! I like alot. ;)
  17. Millenniumfalsehood

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    I really need to get crackin' on this one. Maybe after finals things will cool off over here and I can get some actual work done on this!
  18. Master-Bruce

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    Hey, if you're busy. Just wait for the textured one, then use your airbrush to weather it.

    Just a thought.
  19. Hey Skip: Any news on the texturing front???????
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