3' Sulaco Beta Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Master-Bruce

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    I was wondering the same thing. The guy from France? I got two emails telling me of his post which was odd in itself but then I came to reply and it was gone.

    Very peculiar!
  2. I posted a few pics on his question post so maybe that helps.
    I hope he reposts the pics because he is doing a great job.

  3. silent_lord

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    how goes the beast? i love the sulaco and i love this model too, more detail the better.. :p

    just needs a ud4l to top it off, i have apc already, not built but ready.

    i likes very much but i would of liked more if you had used the very good oringinal? font for sulaco. but hey, its a big and beautifull modol. how big is it?
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    Sulaco....? Absoluely must have, please!

    Your build pics are great, your work is very very good so far.:thumb: The only problem is, where can I find this model? I already have the models from the Aliens Paper Model page and have built the Dropship 01, but Mr. Humlak hasn't released the Sulaco yet as far as I know. Hellllllp please.wall1
  5. Hey guys welcome. The model I am building is 58" in overall length. She is a monster. As for where to find this beast the 58" one is a resize of the smaller Sulaco. You can get that model in the download section of this board.
    Please let me know if I can be of any help on yours.

  6. ltla9000311

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    Hey thanks for the info on where to find the files! This one is next on my build list, I just started the 1/1 scale Pulse Rifle from the Aliens Paper model page. I made a mistake in my earlier post in reference to the Aliens Paper Model page. The gentlemans last name is not Humlak, that is his web service. His name is Jan Rukr. My apologies to Mr. Rukr. On a different note is the Aliens 3 Sulaco different from the Sulaco from Aliens? And do we know the approximate/exact scale of this monster? Thanks in advance.
  7. ltla9000311

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    Hey Knightstalker527, I was noticing your picture/avatar. That is one of the mechs from Five Star Stories, is that a paper model or resin/ plastic? If it is paper where did you find the file/plans? Just wondering......
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  9. Alien99

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    Hi guys,
    I saw the progress , special the french "Jan" :eek:with his job with the Sulaco and the resized ud-4l dropship from my page :thumb:.

    I have a new questionnaire : What would you like to build from sci-fi theme as a next papercraft?

    you can find i t here -> http://blueboard.cz/anketa_0.php?id=761017

    As you can see the USS Sulaco is on my "to do " list:mrgreen:
    so ...go & vote for your favorite thing :wave:
    ...btw new update of Alienspapercraft pages is preparing....more APCs:rolleyes:, more Dropships:cool: & Terran marine cannon :twisted:....
    date of update approx. 4.10.2008....Enjoy
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    Can't wait for the update, i really like your models especially the dropships :thumb::thumb:

    Btw i noticed in your website that one of your wip's is the Argonaths (LOTR), i hope that you are still planning on doing that one, i'm totaly crazy about LOTR, unfortunatley there aren't many models from it :cry::cry:
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    You'll get there buddy. ;)
  12. Just a quick update I am still working on the peices for the ship. I just need a little help I need a 3d wire frame of the model so I can continue to cut and color panels. Thanks guys

  13. Need help......Bump
  14. davitch

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    I would love to see more of what you have done on this...any updates?
  15. davitch

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    Just bumping this to get some updates...

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