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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Maaann... I gota build me one of these!... great design skip, and veerry nice build knight..!!!

    Knight ~ I might be looking at your requests though the wrong end of the binoculars here. So I'll just say something dumb in the hope its useful..

    The doors look excellent..btb !!

    Just as a suggestion.. The detail set your Dev'ing looks great, BUT, you don't want to make a rod for back knight. The complexity of all the greeblies will make a nightmare for any positioning/assemble guide /part numbering.. Give the builders plenty of parts to use, just make it more of a freestyle build. ~ minimum of placed panels with part numbers and location guides + Lots of Bitz to add where ever on base panels..

    Personally to save yourself a lot of grief, I'd treat it as a repaint using the parts pages, instead of going down the re-texturing path, it would be quick and easy.. your happy ~ and the builders can be happy as they want to be..

    I had a good example of what I'm banging on about some where but I can't find it at the mo..so the attached gfx is quick and dirty..

    Make progressive panel cuts from the parts pages and build up ' detail plates' ~ it has the advantage of leaving positioning marks as you go.. ( reduces numbering / instructions)

    ?? Clear as mud?

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    I couldn't agree more with Gearz. I even go way more dumbed down, simply by printing extra copies of the pages I want to panelize, laminating them parts on heavier paper/card, and cutting out panels in my best estimations of where the panels should go. I like the idea of someone taking the extra work out of this though, so I salute the efforts made on this path. I really like the look of the hangar doors.

    Nice additions, all.
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    Approaching the detailing/texturing from the pl*sstic point of view, provided I can quickly figure out which panel goes where, you can make them as detailed as you want, or not want. You might want to cluster a bunch, and use shadows or just black lines to differentiate them. But those less ambitious might want some physical texturing, but don't want to build an FX miniature in paper. The detail-aholic (myself being one of those) won't mind cutting the segments apart and laying them down individually. This is what I do with sheet st*rene, to the point of cutting out 1mm by 1mm pieces and gluing them up one by one. Hope this helps.
  4. Ok guys keep in mind that the base model has no panel lines on it at all. It just has a texture on it so placement will not be as simple as yall are making it. It is easy for me as I have the 3d model in front of me. I have a couple of pics to show what I am talking about.

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    Like I said: I salute your efforts to make this easier. The level of detail when this is done is going to be spectacular. Fantastic work.
  6. Thanks. I hope that I can get this done within the next couple of weeks.
    Everyone has had some great ideas and suggestions. Thanks again to the community for being supportive.

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    You can easily place your template / panels lines on the model (parts pages) Knight.. There are a few methods you could use ( depending on which bitmap editor your using) ~ which one do you use?

    The method in the gfx attached, is just one quick way that I use in Paint Shop Pro. ( I'm sure you could use a variation /s with any editor.) layers etc etc

    Alternatively ~ another variation on the method attached, would be to convert a copy of your templates into 2 two colour images, with the panels as white shapes, then copy /paste them as transparencies onto the parts pages. ( negates the 'delete selection' step in the attached method..

    Just a few proviso's in doing it this way, the resulting 'blank template pattern' left on the parts page will be an exact duplicate of the template ~ Builders won't have much leeway when placing the panels, so a bit of additional shading would be advisable on the ..blank bits..

    Also, I'm sure you've got bitmap editing well in hand Knight, so this may seem a little pedantic, but it may be of use to someone so I'll mention it ~

    I use a LOT of working files, any bitmap editing is done on a master set of TIF or BMP format files. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend you clean up a set of the files by using Gamma correction or brightness/contrast etc etc to remove any compression blurring ( typical of jpg format) If your going to do any serious bitmap editing ( and don't have a top shelf editor) it will pay off in the long run.. + this method ( or most transparency editing) works best on 'clean' images ~ as in no pixelisation on the white/blank areas of the parts page...

    Hope this helps..

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  8. Gearz: Wow you have tons more experience than me. I use Paint Shop Pro 10. I do like the program I just cannot figure out how to do some things. I am unfamiliar with several terms you used like "unfloat". I am just learning a bunch of things by trial and error. My formal training is a cad draftsman in autocad 3d back in the 1980's needless to say things have changed without mewall1.
    I have just about completed the complete set of panels for her but am stuck on instructions. I believe I am just going to develop a .PDF using the 3D images I used for the panels in the first place.

    I figure if you are experienced enough to take on the paneling than you should be able to figure out where things go from the pictures:thumb:.

    Thanks for the idea and I am off to play to see what I get.

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    No worries Knight, with your background you'll pick it up easily..... At the moment its probably like jumping into a unfamiliar car. ~ I've lost count of how many times I've turned the windscreen wipers on to turn a corner...

    PSP 10 ~ good, I use V4 + V5, but the steps + commands should be the same, unless they've changed the menu's around radically..

    Unfloat / De-float ? Yep sorry, that should have been [SELECT] defloat or (Ctrl+D) ~ In PSP when one image, or part there of, is pasted into another image ( Ctrl+ E ) OR ( Ctrl+ Shift+E ) for paste as transparent selection. It 'floats' above, or to say it another way, slides over the main image without changing the underlaying picture. [Defloat] 'Stamps' the floater down onto the underlaying image(permanently) ~ so now its like you have selected part of the main image..

    transparency ? ( cuts out the selected colour when pasting, and just pastes the remaining colours)

    Just a Tip if you run into problems ~ When you COPY/PASTE and you what a transparency... make sure the background colour selected in PSP's colour thingy on the right menu, is EXACTLY the same colour as the background colour in the COPIED image ( usually white for card mdelling) or the pasted image won't leave the colour out = won't be transparent. That's in PSPv4 of course, it may be different in V10.. use you eyedropper if you have trouble selecting the colour..

    Good thinking on the Assemble Guide.. logical placement (grouping) of the detail parts on the pages will help as well.

    looking good knight ~ Keep experimenting! A solid handle on the bitmap side of development will rescue you from a bunch of 3D nightmares..
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    These are useful discussions, and tips for anyone else trying to do some serious detail layering. I have been pondering how to go about the greeble placement for my large Star Destroyer project. It's easy to build a one-off with just eye-placement... but if you want others to be able to build their own ..wel... there needs to be a plan and some way of duplicating the 'eye' job for someone who isn't willing to re-print, trim and try many times over!
  11. Hey guys is there anyone ready for the detail sheets? If not I am going to hold off on the release of them until I have a chance to put them on the big one to test the fit and placement. Also this will give some photographic reference for the placement for you all.

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    I'm ready for them, but I can't promise any time frame. Sorry, just to much going on right now.
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    Take whatever time you need, as far as I'm concerned. Sulaco is high in my next build list...but still only on the list, and not actually built yet.
  14. Well some bad newsfor the work I have done so far. My computer turned into a toaster a coupe of days ago due to a power spike. I have lost everything. So Skip could you send me the .pdo for her again and I will have totry to find all my textures again.

    So the moral of this story is to back up eveything no matter what.

    Don't worry guy's I am not going to give up on the sulaco.

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    OUCH! sorry to hear it man. That blows.
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    Sorry to hear about the crash, but I'm glad you're still willing to work on it. Just watch the DE today. Excellent movie, love the DE, so many new scenes and such a nice addition to an already awesome movie.
  17. well been a long time for an update. I am still working on recovering my files for the sulaco but have built some on it to show. enjoy and sorry it's taking sooooo longwall1 .

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    Lookin' really good buddy. :D
  20. what happened to the message left by the new member?


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