3 Bed + 2.5 Bath - in N scale!

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  1. Arlaghan

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    Some of you have seen this (either on the chats or on the Atlas forum) but I think many of you have not. Earlier this year (2003) I started building my house in N scale for a garage layout I was working on with a friend of mine. (We were each going to put our homes on the layout.) However, that layout, being put on hold for whatever reason, means that work on this project has halted - for the time being. Typical to new construction of homes in South Florida, here is the protoype for reference:

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  2. Arlaghan

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    I (regretably) didn't take many pictures during it's construction. Here is the earliest construction picture I have. It's rather complicated - especially the roof - and took me quite a lot of time to get to this point. Here is a view from the front:

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  3. Arlaghan

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    And a view from behind:

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  4. Arlaghan

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    Of course, as you've come to know from me, I have planned ahead when it comes to lighting the interior. The roof is completely removable! :D

    A view of the interior with the roof removed:

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  5. Arlaghan

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    The same view, but from the back:

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  6. Arlaghan

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    Here's one with some color and a few of the details on the front. That's the N scale mortgage off to the side. ;)

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  7. Arlaghan

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    I wish I had a better picture than this, but this was taken before I got my cool digital camera. This is pretty much the state the house is in right now. I plan to redo the brick paver driveway and that tree in the front has since gotten bigger, but otherwise you get the general idea. ;)

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  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Very nice Arl. I sure would like to live in a house like that. Quite a challenge I am sure.
  9. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member


    Man, that is just som,e INCREDIBLE modeling there, Arl!
    :cool: :thumb: :thumb: :cool:

    btw...Are you going to include a scale model of the layout in the garage? :D
  10. jimmybeersa

    jimmybeersa Member

    WOW:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Thats sure is a nice house.... Big and small ..... Well done
  11. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    That is not only fantastic modeling, but a great idea as well. That roofline had to be tough to do.

    What material did you use for for the walls and roof? What do you plan on using for the roof tile?

  12. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    Thanks guys. :)

    As for the big house, it's the best desicion I've made (financial, that is) as in a little over 3 years time it has appreciated more than 50% of the original value! Isn't the real estate market insane?

    As for the little house, it's made from illustration board (cardstock - same stuff the gas station is mostly made from). It's heavily primed with spray paint - almost too heavily, was almost disastrous when it puddled in a certain area, but I was able to salvage it.

    The windows were simply frames printed on transparency sheets, but I'm not happy with how they came out so I think I will use Robin's method of paper strips to build up the frames. It's going to be tough, as the walls are already assembled. What's that they say about hindsight? :rolleyes:

    The roof was incredibly painful to create - you can tell by looking at it. What's more, I had to walk around my neighborhood to see if I could draw out the rooflines on paper... not easy to do and I had to guess at certain spots. I think I got it though - it looks about right. (Would have been nice to have a helicoptor for that task!) I haven't a clue how I'm going to do the tiles though. I'll figure something out eventually.

    But now that my PC is behaving after last night's clean up... let's see about making some interior details for the gas station and finishing that up with lights! :D
  13. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I know "spanish tile" is offered in sheets in ho scale in the Walther's catalog, I don't know if it is available in n scale.
  14. mojo

    mojo Member

    Does the illus. board hold up in the heat of the garage? That is to say, have you had any problems with it?

  15. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    Not sure... I don't keep it in the garage. My guess is it won't be much different than any other structures made of say wood. Some of the kits have paper parts and are quite similar. I suppose it depends on the conditions of the garage. If the humidity gets pretty bad in there with lots of fluctuations in temperature, a little structure would be the least of your worries! ;)
  16. csxnscale

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    Woow, great project and coming out to look very nice.
    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

  17. Fred_M

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    I use illustration board and matte board on my backroom layout in Missouri where it's hot, cold, dry and humid (all at the same time:) ) and some of it has held up for over 5 years with no problems. I use matte board for backdrops and they are supported with slats every 3 or 4 foot. I use illistration board for some roofs and walls with no problems also. My backroom is much like a garage, it's not directly heated or cooled and gets quite cold and hot when the doors are shut. Anyone else? FRED
  18. Fred_M

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    Almost forgot, cool house Arl. Keep on gluing. That should be the battle cry of the scratcher. FRED

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