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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by AL Southern, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. AL Southern

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    Here's a 2x4 layout that I'm working on. It started as one of Mike's Small Plans (2x40020) and got mutated to match the switches I had on hand. Also to be a shelf layout instead of a walk-around.

    Town goes to the left around the north siding. Walther's rural grain elevator has the northern most yard siding, and a Walther's twin engine house gets the two southern yard sidings. The town siding's main industry is a bakery.

    What else would go good here?

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  2. jetrock

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    Unless it's a large bakery, it might not have a dedicated spur of its own--a team track would allow you to have several smaller "industries" that receive traffic (bakery, hardware store, grocery, car dealership) from the team track for a little more flexibility in what kinds of cars you park on the freight spur.

    Or you could have a team track in addition to that large bakery, in the foreground--that way you get two industries out of one spur, and the team track won't block the view of your bakery.
  3. babydot94513

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    I'll go with what Jetrock stated and add that, are you sure you need that much yard tracks for a single industry?
  4. AL Southern

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    Good points, all.

    I like the team track idea for the siding. The bakery wasn't very big to begin with so I was considering it a TARDIS bakery.
  5. Tileguy

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    Dont forget the whistle stop passenger/LCL station water tower,coal and sanding facility (diesel rack)
    Iceing platform?? Cold storage warehouse?? exercise pens for stock??Feed Mill
    Tractor and Implement sales.
    Rural combination gas station/oil and coal dealer(these are always way fun to scratchbuild)
    That team track idea would go great with the implement sales and a rural coal dealer with simple dump bins etc
    at least 1 really nice founding fathers type old time estate with majestic oak tire swing,fenced yard and a 51 caddy in the driveway.
    How about a little hobo's camp out in the bush just outside of town and just off the tracks:)
  6. Zman

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    It looks crowded at first glance, but perhaps that's the effect you're after. Don't forget that you're going to have to ballast all that track, which will considerably eat away at your available room for commerce and industry. I would keep only three yard sidings: one for the grain elevator, and two for the engine house. That would open up some space in the Northeast corner. I like the idea of having enough of a town to block the view of the back of the layout, allowing it to be a staging area. You might even consider building the town on a small ridge.

    I'm also building a layout this size, but it's modeled after a small town in 19th century New England along the N.Y. and N.E., and in my case less is more. But it looks like you're after a "big town" look.
  7. green_elite_cab

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    what scale is that?
  8. Scale must be N

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