27 turn motor to 11 turn motor.

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by shughes43, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. redheat

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    Now why in the world would anyone say that stock motors such as the P2K2Pro, Trinity Monster, Epic Binary could not be rebuilt ! Someone with know knowledge of STOCK MOTORS, RED
  2. i dont know but i think you said somthing stupid about stock and modified motors.somthing like try running a mod motor @24.and somone in here asked why and you said you cant because it would burn it up.some mod motors come factory set at 30 advanced.
  3. redheat

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  4. well if i am not mistaken you said that you cant run a mod motor at 30 degrees of advanced timing because that would burn it up.well i run my mods up to that point and i do recall the trinity D4 motors factory set @ that.for somone who claims they have 50 years of experince they sould know that.dude you just look like an idiot so stop embarassing yourself.
  5. redheat

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    50 years , what are you talking about ? I know that stocks are set at 24deg. not sure of what your yacking about . Embarassing falls on you lap , you have no clue , RED
  6. thats all you know at your age?
  7. redheat

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    Ya , but much more than youll ever know King, RED
  8. ok flamer
  9. redheat

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  10. im right you are wrong
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    you love birds should get a room
  12. whheezzzz

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    someone whos a senior member should be a little nicer and respectfull for people asking questions,this is the crap that gives RC a bad name for new people wanting to get into it

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