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    I have just acquired what looks to be a old lionel train set. It is a black steam engine with 261 lionel lines on the side with a tender with a plate that has Lionel Lines on it's side. There are 3 pullman cars all in brown,all have only 4 wheels instead of wheel trucks and all also have the number 529 in two places on each side. There is also a observation car with the number 530. the train has old style coupelers. I am a Die Cast car collector and do not have a knowlage of trains but I would grade this set as Good, engine runs but the set is scratched, chipped, dented and has some rust and small missing parts. Can any one give me information about this set, such as date of Mfg. and value. Thank you Bobby Blinds
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    Sounds like a Pre War set, made before WWII. I assume it has tin-plate cars and not plastic. There are some books out that could give you a ball park price. I'm sure somebody can help you on this list. Another way to get a general idea of value, is check eBay out.

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    The 261 is from 1931; the 261E is from 1935. Approximate value in Good condition is $85. According to my book, the 529 and 530 date from 1926. In Good condition the 529s are worth $15-$17, and the 530 is $12-$15. My book's a few years old, so my prices may be a bit low, but I'd say no more than $100 for the locomotive and no more than $25 for the 529s and $20 for the 530.

    The mismatched dates could be from the retailer mixing old stock with new, or the original engine may have been replaced at a later date.

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