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    This is 22kill Tungsten ring. I got it at the Hire heroes USA 5K Race for Heroes event today. It is to be worn on the right index finger symbolizing the “trigger finger”. Wear this to honor our veteran. Check: www.22kill.com to see the meaning of 22kill.

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  2. zathros

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    I have a problem with these sites, in general, not this one specifically. My brother is dying from Agent Orange poisoning. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam, and has had more operations, and Cancer of the Lymph nodes than I can remember. He has everything under the sun related to these years, and during the Tet offensive, in which is he was severely wounded, and watched 6 of his best friends get killed, he has suffered greatly. He has never received a dimes worth of help from any organization. Not one penny. Just some food for thought. I believe in honoring our veterans. The best way is by not sending them to wars that do not involve us, or helping people who wish us dead.

    These sites always announce all this "Tribute, Honoring" stuff, but seldom do you see where the money goes. I think by the time they are done making those Tungsten rings, not very far. Why not Silver? Why such an expensive metal? Who gets this money exactly?

    I know that you are one of the most patriotic persons I have ever met, and always honor your opinion, so just to be clear, I do not question your motives, just the workings of these organizations. :)
  3. goodduck

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    My brother in law served in Vietnam halo door gunner, almost got kill a few times. My sister in law retired after came back serving in the Afaganestan. Got rocketed more then a few times and see enough American die. My 2nd sister served in Army for 5 years station at Germany. My niece graduated from Naval Academy almost 2 years ago and she is serving as a Navy Doctor. Highest ranking officer in our family. Higher then my dad who service as NCO in Chinese army during ww2. And he is happy about that! :D

    I too wonder where and how much the money actually goes into where it needed. I just cross my fingers and hope the people I met at the event are good people. At the very least, I gave the money to the ex-Marines (forgot their organizations name) helping ex-Marines boot and not from the 22kill boots which is 3 boots down the line. I did what I want to do, what I feel right to do and what I can do. I can say I’m good with myself. …… on that day. ………. at that time…. Yeah. Everything else is in God’s hands. :D
  4. zathros

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    I agree, you have to follow you gut sometimes. Keeping the memory that these wounded soldiers are alive and suffering, every single moment of their waking, sleeping, day, every second, no relief, no time outs, they suffer, and some beyond comprehension. That suffering is exponential for those who have family, but there are so many who have absolutely not a soul in their lives to help them, and they are lost, have fallen through the cracks. It's really disgusting. We all will answer for it. Nobody is getting out of this alive, and we all have we we have coming to us. :)

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