2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, May 15, 2012.

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    You are not only making a thread ABOUT the model but attaching a thread TO the model. :)

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    You are truly a master modeler, your work is superb!
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    “The Way It Is

    There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
    things that change. But it doesn’t change.
    People wonder about what you are pursuing.
    You have to explain about the thread.
    But it is hard for others to see.
    While you hold it you can’t get lost.
    Tragedies happen; people get hurt
    or die; and you suffer and get old.
    Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
    You don’t ever let go of the thread.

    ~ William Stafford ~”

    Thank you for the compliment, Mike......:)

    Master Modeller? Nah, not even close.......... I still have so much to learn, as the antenna dishes proved, (for 1,) ......:sadno:
    When I am 100% happy with any build I do, then maybe.......
    But I am too much of a perfectionist to ever achieve that.:sadno:

    Oh, btw: I got another phone call this morning..........



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    Oh, ray shields..! :D;)
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  5. DanBKing

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    A quick update, before I go out for the evening. ;)

    I had a productive day yesterday and completed most of the construction work on the display case.

    I had two old wardrobe doors laying in the attic and I cut out the upper and lower pieces of the case from these. Each piece is 18mm chipboard with melamine facings.
    My plan was to cut a 3,2mm wide slot, 5mm deep, around the inner faces of the board, 5mm in from the edge. The edges of the 3mm thick acrylic sheets would then fit into the slots, and thereby holding the whole structure rigid. Gravity would be my glue. ;):) (This was done so that I could dismantle the case for easier transportation in the future.)
    This plan was rudely thwarted though, when my attempt to buy a 3,2mm slot cutter for my plunge router, failed miserably. I could not buy one anywhere in my town. Nobody had one in stock, and I would have to wait at least a week for one to be ordered.
    So, I made another plan..... ;)

    I purchased a couple of lengths of wooden 'L' shaped profile that I could use as a pre-made slot for my acrylic. Unfortunately, the slot was 6mm wide, so I had to cut a 2,8mm rebate all around the boards to make sure I got a snug, clearance fit of the acrylic.


    The 'L' shaped strips were then cut and mitred on their ends and glued and nailed around the edges of the boards.
    Once this was dry, the lower board was laid on the floor with the slots uppermost, and the acrylic sheets were snugged into the slots.
    The top board was then placed on this, snugging the acrylic sheets into the upper slots.


    I still have to cut and fit the backing board yet, but I miscalculated my quantities for the edging strip. I need to buy another length next week to complete the edging, before I fit the backing board. :headbange:
    The green colour is the protective film, to prevent scratching. This will be removed at the final assembly, when everything else is done.

    The construction work was closely inspected by my Martian cat, and approval was given. :biggrin::biggrin:

    General_433.JPG General_434.JPG

    I still have to fill and sand the boards, spray them with primer and a final matt black lacquer.

    The completed dimensions of the display case are: 150cm (l) x 30cm (w) x 35cm (h) ( 5ft x 1ft x 1ft 2in) (Imperial is rounded up)
    Its huge!!!! :eek::eek:

    I also finalized the wiring attachments for the lighting. The wiring that runs through the spine tube from the connector, were pushed through small holes drilled into the tube. This was then soldered to the fine wire that will run from the model, down to the electrical circuits under the bottom board of the display case. (More on that later!)
    I then wrapped a small piece of insulation tape around the tube, to prevent any chance of a short-circuit. The fine wire was then wrapped around the tube a few times and tied off. The paper flange assembly at the ends of the spine sections were then slid on the tube and over the wiring joint, hiding it completely.


    I then moved my suspension system (broom handle) from the spare bedroom and hung it in the lounge. I then attached the spine suspension lines to the broom handle.


    I then attached the sphere and engine module and the antenna array.

    I am waiting for night time to take some better photos, when I can control the lighting a bit more.
    But for now, a few crappy pictures taken with my phone camera.

    In the first few pics, you can see the suspension lines and wiring lines in action. These will be coloured to match the background picture of the display case at a later stage. Then you will hardly see them at all.



    And in this pic, it looks like Discovery is doing a low flyby through my lounge... :):)


    I'll be back through the week, as and when I can, with more.

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    I love it!
    I want one!
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    Apparently your last post triggered my tinnitus again. However rather than a high-pitched whining it sounds more like the beginning of "Also sprach Zarathustra"..! ;)
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    Hey @Revell-Fan If you play this at the right volume, it should cancel out your tinnitus then ..... :biggrin:

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    Thanks, but Space Cat has already come to the rescue and cured it! :)
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    To Hell with the ship, that is the most anatomically correct cat model I have every seen! :)
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    Ha! I have been told, that I have an affinity with pussies ........ ;):)
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    That is a fantastic build and a real accomplishment. You can take a lot of pride in that! :Bravo:
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    Well, not now. Because it is NOT finished yet. :)

    (OK, yes, you CAN, and I think I know where the journey is going! ;) )
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    Thank you both.:):)

    And yes. R-F, you are correct and intuitive ; IT AIN'T OVER YET!


    Do you really know where this is going? :wideyed:

    'cause I don't. ... :sticktongue:
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    OK, you may be correct, but it all depends on train tracks .....................


    I will leave you to ponder on that ......... ;)

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    I'm not gonna touch that one with my 12" pole. :)
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    Well, your ship is the Cat's Meow! :)
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    Re: Tinnitus,
    I have it too. One day, OSHA came into Sikorsky and measured the sound, it was 118 decibels, and that was a relatively quiet day. I kind of have found my Tinnitus to be my life's Talisman. I was laying in the hospital, near death, and I kept thinking the last sound I am going to hear is that sound to Beep Beep Beep go to just one long tone, then I wondered if it would harmonize with my Tinnitus, which happens to be a slightly really off the charts flat "A", on the music scale. Definitely nowhere near B flat though, almost a perfect "A". I was able to figure this out with my Violin. You're not alone, which by the way, the most horrid of feelings. I only discovered that when I suffered Full Global Amnesia, for two days, do to almost suffocating to death in my sleep. Crazy, eh!?! :)

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