2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, May 15, 2012.

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    Perfect way to wet form if you plan too. That does fit amazingly perfect!! :)
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    In post #273, I mentioned that I was enhancing the frame of the antenna array.
    The last picture in that post shows that I have cut out 5 versions of the frame pieces.
    On each piece, the 3 arms are cut successively shorter. This was done to make the arm thickness reduce towards the edge of the dish.

    Each piece was successively glued together with the shorter arms at the back (dish side) At each gluing stage the arms were bent to shape over a wooden ball and allowed to dry in this shape. The outer-most frame piece with the arms for the small dishes was not attached at this point.
    Once the glue had dried thoroughly, I then soaked the arms in ca glue to give them rigidity and hold their shape.


    I then attached the upright mounting post. The place where the antenna dish should normally mount to, needed to be built up with strips of paper to accommodate for the extra thickness of the frame. You can see in the second picture that the post is too low in the frame. so, the part, framed in red, was built up to the correct level.

    General_405.JPG General_406.JPG

    In keeping with studio model, I thickened up the long arms by laminating a few sheets together, up to the thickness of the frame piece. I also added a bit more structure to the arm around the small dishes, that was lacking in the original part.


    The main frame piece was glued to the thicker part and the arms were also attached. A few places were strengthened with ca glue to keep it all rigid.

    General_398.JPG General_399.JPG

    And then, at last, the main dish was attached.

    General_400.JPG General_401.JPG General_402.JPG

    I am going to do a few touch ups with white paint and fix a few other issues yet.

    Now, I have to make the two small dishes................
    I am really not looking forward to that!!

    But, something else for the build is now drying from water-shaping; the support arms for the receiver post. By water shaping I should get a more uniform curve to all the arms...... We will see when it dries.


    Back with more soon.

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    A bit more progress.

    The main dish is now complete............ I added the receiver section that was missing from the templates. I made this with a thin wire, with a paper wrap to represent the receiver. This I then stuck to a tiny disc of paper and then this was glued to the top of the receiver supports.

    Not too bad, I think ........

    General_409.JPG General_410.JPG General_411.JPG

    Will be back when I can ..... ;)

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    Far freakin' out!! I was hoping you would finish the tops and sides of the arms with finish pieces. It doesn't look like a part made out of paper, it looks like part of a spaceship antenna array!! :)
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    Great ideas!
    I got those same domes from the dollar tree lol!!
    Keep up the great build, im looking forward to seeing more of your tricks!
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    Thanks Z. But, I am not quite finished with it yet ...... ;);)

    The next 'trick' is gonna be building the small dishes ........ :meh:
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    I have a small announcement to make:


    I have nothing more to make on this model...

    I need to do a few adjustments, touch-up's and final tweaking still, but, I do not have to cut, score, fold, shape or glue another part!!!!

    It is getting late here now and nearly time for bed. Plus, I have a busy day/evening tomorrow, so if all goes well, I will post the pictures of the final assembly of the antenna array over the coming weekend.

    Once I am happy with how everything is, I will set up a photo shoot of the final, completed model. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Stay tuned everybody, I am extremely close to realizing a now 42 year old dream!!!!!!!! :)

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    One for now: :Congrats:

    (The :bowdown:,:Bravo:,Claphands and :Drinks:will come as soon as the first pics arrive. ;) )
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    And all in the world is now truly good. :)
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    Congrats!!! And: picspicspicspicspics :D
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    Totally awesome way to do parobolics!
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    OK, my weekend was a lot busier than expected, so I didn't get any chance to take the photos and write an update. :yawn:

    But anyway, to keep your appetite whetted, here is a teaser photo for now .... ;)


    See y'all soon! :)

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    Beep-bebeeebeeebebeeep-beeebeeebep! :)
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    Ok, an update, as promised.

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I wanted to use a magnet to hold the antenna array in its place. But also, I wanted the ability to adjust the position and angle of the array easily, if required. I thought the best way to achieve this would be to use a ball-bearing to create a sort of ball-joint, when used in conjunction with the magnet.

    Using hot-glue, I attached a 5mm ball bearing into the mounting flange. Once this was in, I built up the mounting platform. I then took a 5mm diameter magnet and hung this from the bottom of the ball bearing. I partially filled the cavity of the mounting tower with hot glue and pushed the magnet/ball/mounting flange assembly into position, hoping and praying that the glue would not push up and outward too far so that it glues the mounting flange pieces together permanently. I left the thing in position until the hot glue had set and then attempted to remove the mounting flange.
    No problems encountered ..... :) With the magnet/ball connection, I can now position the array at any angle and position I choose, and of course it is removable too. (oh, and it can even lay flat, like it was in 2010, with the Leonov attached.... ;))

    General_371.JPG General_372.JPG

    Without going into too much detail about the build of the small dishes, I made them. Let's leave it at that ..... ;):wacky:
    I did use my circle template, the back of a paint brush and a bolt head to help shape the parts....


    The transmitter supports of the two dishes are super thin. After a few unsuccessful attempts at cutting each support separately with a scalpel, I tried another, very successful, method! The problem is, the things are so thin, if you try to cut them individually, they tend to curl up and/or break while cutting. So, I cut all four in one go. :cool:
    I used 5 spare blades from a craft knife, stacked them together and taped them securely, and using a steel rule to keep things straight, cut the legs. The spacing of the stacked blades was perfect.
    The pics will explain it better, I think.......


    Each piece was then made up in the same way as the supports for the big dish, albeit a lot bloody smaller..... :sadno::bulgeeye::)


    I decided to fit the small dishes to the mounting arms first, before attaching the transmitter supports to save damaging the super fine things.
    It was at this point, my plans changed a little ......:sticktongue:
    With reference to the picture in post #273, of the back of the array, you can see that the back of each small dish has a spring like construction in the middle of it. Unfortunately, this was only represented as a flat disc on the templates. Time to change that! ;)
    I used a spare copy of the antenna array mounting module and cut out a grill pattern from it.......... This piece was then rolled into a tube. The tube was then cut in half. The resulting two textured tubes would be used to represent the spring thingies on the back of the small dishes.


    With fear and trepidation, I used my flush-cutters, and cut a slot into the mounting arm of each small dish. This slot would then accommodate the tubes.


    I then glued the tubes in place and capped them off with a small disc of paper. At this scale, my leather punch was set on the smallest available size, but even this was slightly too large. But the result is satisfactory.


    Next up, I attached the support post to the center of the dishes and once dry, I glued the support arms to the edges of the dishes. As you can see, I cut the arms over-long, so that I had plenty of 'play' for adjustment and also a bit more to hold on to with the tweezers .... :)


    And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the last piece of construction completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :animated:

    In my next post, the 'beauty shots' of the antenna array......

    Back in a bit ........
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    LIGHTS .........!

    CAMERA ........!
    (All these shots are taken in 'Macro,' so all my mistakes and crappy build quality, really shows up in places ... :oops:)

    General_422.JPG General_423.JPG General_424.JPG General_425.JPG General_426.JPG General_427.JPG General_428.JPG General_429.JPG General_430.JPG

    I may be away a little while now, as I am finalizing my design and plan for the display case, with it's associated lighting and electrical circuits and the model suspension system.
    I have ordered the acrylic sheet for the case today, but due to the current work load of the supplier, I can only take delivery next week. But, that works out well for me, as it is also payday week next week..... :laughrolling:
    I'm hoping to get some time to cut and assemble the wooden frame this coming weekend, ready to fit the clear acrylic.

    IF, I get time this week, I want to attempt to suspend the model to test my suspension system in reality. I can assure you, there will be a soft sponge mattress, about a centimetre under the model, to catch it, damage free, if something goes wrong ....... :nailbiting:;)

    When, the suspension system is stable and proven, I am going to take some test photos of the whole model with the lighting working too.
    This will be an experiment with depth of field, focal length and to try out the concept of 'focus stacking.' (For info on focus stacking, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focus_stacking and a tutorial here: http://blog.patdavid.net/2013/01/focus-stacking-macro-photos-enfuse.html and for the brilliant software, go here: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/ <-- AND IT'S FREEEEE! :):)

    Will update as and when I can.

    Take care one and all. See you around the forums. :)

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    I'm crossing all the fingers I have for the suspension test! :)

    Don't let any ape throw your "bone" into the air! ;)

    (And YES, I mean the DISCOVERY, of course! :D)
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    Hanging Around ..........

    Well, the Discovery model has been hanging by a thread, (literally,) without mishap for 3 days now....... :happy:

    I attached the two suspension threads from the spine of the model to a broom handle, which in turn was suspended between the curtain rail and the light fitting in the spare bedroom, at a 'cat-proof' height. :)

    I received a phone call with good news yesterday evening too! I can pick up the clear acrylic sheet for the display case on Saturday (tomorrow) instead of next week........ Happy days!! :happy::happy::happy::happy:

    As I mentioned earlier, I hope to be able to make a start on the parts for the display case this weekend.

    Will post some pics soon with an update on the build process of the display case.

    See ya soon! :)

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