2 simple DIY electronic circuits

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by hakrist, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. hakrist

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    Here's a couple of simple electronic designs for your railroad that can easily be built with little more knowledge than how to solder.

    Automatic train-stop

    Optical Block detector

    I designed these a couple of years ago, and some of you might notice that they involve many of the already known electronic principles used in railroading. Im not currently active in model-railroad building, but i thought i'd post them here for you so they are not lost forever. Comes complete with detailed explanation.
  2. TrainNut

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    You know, I hate to be the cautious one here but I clicked on the first link, it booted up Acrobat, sent my computer into a fury of activity doing what, I do not know, and then froze my system up something fierce! As I was sitting there all froze up with no response, I noticed that this is your very first post and the first part of your name too closely resembles "hacker". I quickly had to do a manual shut down and then a restart to recover.
    Forgive me if I'm off track here. However, I would use caution if you click on either of these links.
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    I just tried the first link with no problems....
  4. shaygetz

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    ...and the second. The name looks to be a crunching of his full name>>> Håkon Kristiansen

    Welcome to The Gauge:wave: Thanks for the circuits.
  5. TrainNut

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    Well, I'm sorry for the accusation then. Usually, on somebodies first post, they get something along the lines of, "Welcome to The Gauge, thanks for posting. Nice contribution." Instead, I just accused this person of being a hacker and messing with my computer. Sooooo, instead...
    Hakrist - Welcome to The Gauge! I'm sorry for the instant accusation. Thanks for your contribution, I just wish I could see the circuits! Oh well, such is life.
  6. hakrist

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    Hm...strange that your computer behaved that way. I think you should check you acrobat install.

    The files are real, they work, no viruses, no adware. 100% guaranteed.

    A bit more info on the circuits:

    I found these 2 files while cleaning up my computer yesterday. Since i now live in a tiny apartment (and so on and so forth), I have no opportunity to do model rail-roading anylonger. The circuits are from an actual circuits that I built for my last project. It was a small, kind-of back-the-roots project, were i built a small N-scale set-up using just the old tecniques. No digital controls whatoever. My goal was to automate the entire track-system, while at the same time re-familiarizing myself with my old electronic-skills (basic stuff that i'd forgotten).

    I learned a lot, and re-remembered alot, during that project.

    These two circuits were the 2 first i designed. Simple project for catching up with the basics of electronic. It is so much better to learn electronics with an actuall project. And what better project than a model-railroad? Sadly I never really completed my project fully.

    I did however write guides for a couple more projects, and also revised versions of the first two which included circuit-board layouts for you diy-pcb-makers. Hm...now, where did i save those files?
  7. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Got an automatic reverser circuit in there?:D :thumb:
  8. MadCoW1

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    Welcome to the gauge. I myself have always been afraid to delve into the electronics circuit building stuff as it always seemed so confusing. I really understood your explanation of the detection sytem and will give it a try. Great post. Thank You.

  9. cmhockman78

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    i just so happen to be going to college for electronics so if anyone needs anything let me know
    i may just be able to make the circuits at school, and probably for free ;o)
    plus i can get just about any small parts for free
    transitors, caps, resistors, ic chips, whatever....
  10. fsm1000

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    Hello and welcome, I hope your stay here is a pleasant one. Ask away and have fun. :)

    the problem is with the pdf file not the new guy. PDF files can lock up a computer because of many reasons. One reason many do not like them, ESPECIALLY those on dial-up. Anyhow, the problem is more common then some know of.
  11. Chessie6459

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    Welcome To The-Gauge hakrist

    Enjoy Your Stay Here.:wave:

    Ask all kinds of questions. You will get an answer from alot of people.
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    Train Nut, Your PC may have frozen if the PDF file downloaded is newer than the Adobe Reader version installed on your PC. Try downloading and installing the latest Adobe Reader version.

    Adobe Reader will also automatically check for software updates that will cause that flurry of activity noted. You can also launch your existing Adobe Reader without uploading a file and you will see that flurry of which I speak. If there is a newer version out there it will download and install.


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