2' N-Trak module, start to finish

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    I realize this could go in multiple places (modular forum, scenery, here) but decided the N scale guys would be most interested in it. If someone feels it should be moved I won't be offended. ;)
    I was 'assigned' the task of creating a 2' module for our club to fit a space we wound up with. After much scratching of my receding hairline, I decided I'd build a little dairy farm. Links to photos follow; I didn't want to copy the images directly to the thread because they are pretty big in size and I'm not knowledgable on how to shrink 'em.
    First, the basic module, which isn't anything much to look at:
    Next, the two structure kits I picked up to complete the scene. These are also available as built-ups, which was handy as I could see them at the LHS and get a feel for the size and quality.
    I expected these to be pretty marginal quality but was pleasantly surprised. Nice, crisp details and good parts fit. Only real issue with them is the scale isn't exactly right on the house and the roof shingles on both are way too big. I went with plastic kits like these since they were going on modules and would be banged around a lot.
    So, first I built the barn:
    Again, I was pleasantly surprised with how decent it came out. It still needs to be weathered, and the flash makes it look 'glossy' even though it's not that bright. All in all, a pretty nice barn and typical of the area I live in.
    I then worked on the farmhouse. I'll probably place it towards the back of the module because the scale is a little large, but with painting it winds up looking pretty good.
    Again, I still have to weather it a bit and finish a few details. Now that the structures are complete, I can better position them on the module and begin a bit of landscape work. I also have a pack of cows who are eager to graze. :)
    I have to have this thing completed for a show by April 8th. Should be do-able in a 2 week window (I'm away for 4 days this weekend, which doesn't help).
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    Nice work! :cool:
    I looked at your club site, too…that’s a very nice set-up you guys have there!
    That looks like a lot of fun!
    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    I modeled in N scale for a few years, & I’ve used tons of those Model Power houses for all sorts of things!
    One thing I didn’t like about them though was the way the windows looked…I ended up always gluing the windows on the inside of the wall, eliminating all that big trim on the outside of the house…I’ve always modeled scenes like where I live in KY, & I thought this looked a little more prototypical…I also would make either tin, or tarpaper roofs for them from styrene…
    I posted a thread here almost 4 years ago on how I did a couple of them…


    (back then, I was known around here as “Charlie”…)
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    This particular house kit has the windows molded in, like a DPM. They are raised on the outside probably non-prototypical but boy, does it make painting them easier.
    I just finished the plaster cloth and foam work for the base. Will try to post a fresh picture in the next day or so.
    We've got some good modellers in our club. If you look in your N scale Walthers catalog you'll find a few of the photos by our 'fearless imperious leader' Mark Friend. :thumb:
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    At long last, an update!
    IIRC, when we last visited the structures were done aside from weathering. I began work on the module landscaping. First step was plaster work and basic ground cover:
    Then I added the gravel driveway, some bushes, and a little more detailing:
    It still needs trees, of course. I hate building trees, so those will have to come later, as well as the fact I simply ran out of time before my deadline to the show (today!).
    Here are a few shots of the "finished" product. Unfortunately, the flash makes things look glossier than they really are...the weathering (pastels) turned out better than I could have hoped. There are still some details I need to do, the biggest one being a fence to keep the cows contained, but at least it's presentable for public viewing.
    Constructive criticism encouraged.
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    Everything looks great! I especially like the outhouse, it adds to that "country charm". What is that small building in the background, behind the barn? It looks like a chicken coup.
  6. ddavidv

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    Yep, it's a chicken coop. It's all part of the barn kit, which makes it a good value. There's even a dog house, which I haven't added yet.

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