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    Question whats the formula 4 grades? I have 48" that I want a 2% grade on How high will that get me at the n?


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  2. Triplex

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    Just under 1" rise. 2% is 1" rise in 50" run.
  3. mummert

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    Very easy formula 1% = 1" rise in 100 inches, 2%= 2" rise in 100 inches and so on.
  4. MasonJar

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    The formula is rise over run (in the same units of measure) x100 to get percent.

    E.g. x rise/48" run = 2%; solve for x

    x = 0.02x48

    x = 0.96"

    So the allowable rise is 0.96" over the 48" run.

  5. rsn48

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    A lazier formula and provides a grade below 2.1 (actually 2.083 percent) is 1 inch per every four feet or 2 inches per 8 feet. So if you need a 20 inch separation for a "rough" 2 percent grade a quick calculation provides an answer of 80 feet.

    For newbies reading this, one of the harder facts to accept is the amount of track necessary for grades, and many have ignored it (see my signature below) only to find the advise was correct. Now I am about to contradict myself, on a small layout with shorter consists you can often get away with a rather dramatic rise. Why? Well on a long incline lets say 10 feet or longer, you will have the entire weight of the train pulled by the loco on a grade. On a dramatic rise, you might have only one third or less of the train on the grade with most on the flat so less pull power is necessary. I had a small 2 1/2 by 8 foot layout in N with a incline of around 9 % and it worked. You have to be very careful about smoothing out the transition of the track at the top from slope to flat.
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    sure appericaqte all of the GOOD Info
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    Sure appericate all of the GREAT advice. Starting to draw my layout to board. So Im taking my time and trying a lot of things till Im satisfide.

    Thanks again

    A # 1

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