2-8-0 in the kitchen?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by MCL_RDG, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. MCL_RDG

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    I was sitting at the computer this morning and was awaiting the arrival of the morning coffee train. It usually gets into the pot before I make it down the stairs (modern convenience of built-in timers). Well, sometimes I skip preparing a pot the night before and have to make it on the fly. The coffee having been started leads to feeding "Joey" our 3 year old cairn terrier. Then it's off to the library to read a few favorite model RR mags, commune with nature and get a shave. By the time I get back to the kitchen the brew is ready. This morning however my routine was broken since I was given the day off. As I sat here on The Gauge I heard the gurgle of water working thru the drip coffee maker. As the last of it was doing that thing that drip coffee makers do- it started chuffing like a 2-8-0. Tufffft-Tuffft-Tuffft-tsssssssssssss, Tufffft-Tuffft-Tuffft-tsssssssssssss. In my head I thought, "All aboard". Now if I could just get it to toot-toot.

    A mug of Jo all way 'round. 'morning all~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. bigsteel

    bigsteel Call me Mr.Tinkertrain

    thats pretty neat,never really thought of that sign1.--josh
  3. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    With apologies to the Grateful Dead...

    "Ridin' my train, high on caffeine!" :)

    Fun observation Mark!
  4. iis612

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    I wish that 2-8-0 would stop here this morning. Mr. Coffee walked off the job a few days ago. It would appear that someone let the smoke out of him, and that violated some union rule.
  5. MCL_RDG

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    Lemme' tell ya...

    ...a few episodes of late with Mr. Coffee.

    The night before I did all the prep. Rinsed pot, new filter, coffee- forgot to turn on the timer. You'd think it would be just- Poop, no coffee, I forgot to turn on the coffee. NO! I took the pot, carafe (ugh) from the maker and filled it with water and started pouring the water into an already full machine. Water everywhere- scramble for the roll of paper towels. 30 minutes later- clean floor, cooking range, wiped down cabinets... all at 5:20AM- good husband huh? *%%@#!****&^%`

    Ok. Next night, pull the basket out of the coffee maker- rinse nicely, set aside to dry. Get the carafe (ugh- carafe, the pot!), rinse, fill, pour into coffee maker. Get new filter, place into machine- fill with favorite blend, On SaLe. Turn on timer. Wake uP! Next morning, can smell the warm inviting aroma of coffee as I drift down the stairs. I giggle to myself over the silly mishap from the day before. I can't wait to get the OH MY GOD NO KITCHEN WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coffee grinds, coffee water, water, coffee, grinds, grinds, more grinds, coffee, water and more grinds all over the counter. Down the cabinets. Spreading on the floor like a bad dream!

    As I grabbed for the paper towels I noticed the coffee basket that's supposed to go into the machine to hold the filter was still there at the sink.

    I can't wait to start in on that new project.

  6. iis612

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    And I was irritated that Mr. Coffee walked off the job...
    Oh Dark Early is no time to be cleaning what should be a nice hot cup 'O Joe...
  7. stdguage

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    What I have missed by being a procrastinator. I do everything in the dark in the morning (lights do not help when the eyes are still closed). No mishaps yet unless you count the numerous times that I forget to start the beast. The cats expect to be fed sometime between 4 and 6, so thats when the coffee gets started.
  8. MadModeler

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    Oh man! MCL RDG, Sorry for laughing but that was wild! Maybe that's why my wife doesn't drink coffee!sign1
    I'm the only coffee drinker in the house so I just make one cup in the mornings using one of those holders that go over the cup with a cone filter.

    One morning, I was not exactly working on all thrusters (Actually that's most mornings for me) and yup, overfilled the darned thing so there was an interesting mess to clean up. Try doing that while the dog is trying to lap up the coffee at the same time! She's hyper enough as it is and I don't want to take chances with her getting into the coffee. Of course, that is not as bad as resetting a mouse trap at 4:45 am and finding out just how strong the spring is with your finger.:eek:
  9. Goattee

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    Get a Brun.

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