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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by scoobyloven, Oct 18, 2005.

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    as you most know i been here for awhile and have built many layouts and some very cool stuff like a 48 inch scrath built dubble track truss bridge for my last layout.witch i sold but here it is.

    well guys my wife asked me qustion last night as i was sitting here working on my new track plan? she asked me what scale are you going to do. i told her i don't know i have alot of ho and n scale and just got my "g scale going out side ". she said you have all this train stuff and about 20 plans in ho and n scale and you have finshed your plan for your outside layout. and waiting for the spring to start it but you have all this wood in my basement just sitting their. she said why dont you just do a dule scale. i told her i would do a n scale for me and an ho for my boys with the space i have a 9x12 in n scale a shelf layout and a 9 x 12 in ho also a shelf layout. my problem is i dont want to build 2 layouts and then my out side one in the spring that is going to be 175x150 with a water garden i have to work around witch is 10x20x 10 with 2 water falls.i was thinking of just doing an layout of 10x10 then my boys could run it with me and help build it only thing is my youngest likes long main line runs and my oldest likes the yard and sidings. i just can't get a plan to fit them both.i know i will need a dubble main line one for the youngest to loop and the other for he could do short runs from yard to siding or just loop if he wants. my qustion is if any of you know of or have a plan the will suite them both i would enjoy it very much i have looked in the book 101 track plans and redid most of them and my oldest is still not happy not alot for him big yard siding he tells he as for scale i could go with ho or n scale any help on this would be helpful my brain hurts going over these plans in the book with my oldest.
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    They are Kids, they will like whatever you build.
    Letting children determine a trackplan is tantamount to a disaster.
    Trying to accomodate thier interest is one thing, but driving yourself nuts over 2 completely differant types of layouts combined in a small area is another.

    They will be happier building and then having something to operate on than watching you pour over plans all winter.

    Here, I'll pick for you. Atlas trackplan book, last one.L shaped continuous run long mainline and yard.Step by step instructions including wiring.
    Build it first, then build another L shape in another 2 corners next winter :)

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