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    Each one will be 2' x 4'. four will be corner units, four will be straight track main line. All will be universal, so I can make a 10' x 10, or a 6' x 14'. Each on will have at least one industry, this one has a scrap yard. There is also a facing point crossover. Trolley runs on the inside, mainlines run on outside, 18" radius minimum. Pics don't do this justice, there are lots of details. I still need more cars, weathering, and will light the buildings...and more trees! Next module will be an end piece, mainline will look like a letter L.

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  2. csxengineer

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    That blank space by main street will probably be a brick parking lot. This will be the viewing side, so I didn't want alot of buildings blocking the view of the buildings across the street.
  3. csxengineer

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    another shot

    all buildings will have signs, too.

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  4. Catt

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    It looks to me like your off to a terrific start.Keep them pictures coming.
  5. N Gauger

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    That Looks Great!! That's a good idea too..... When you get bored with the layout - you can re-arrange it :) Nice!!!!!
  6. csxengineer

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    My NO STRESS modules

    I almost quit the hobby, because I got frustrated trying to do a 10' x 10 at one time. I sold 80% of my stuff on ebay, and decided on modules, insted. I like detailing and some scratchbuilding, so I put all my efforts into this 2' x 4', and only when I'm 100% done, will I start the next one. I am no longer overwhelmed, and as simple as the finished project will be, trackplan wise, It still has operating potential without a spaghetti bowl. One of the straight track modules will be unscenic. It will be removable, so no duck-unders. I am modeling the 1950's, freelance, using a combination of PRR, B&O, P&LE, URR, and my own ficticious roadname: "Steel Valley Industrial Railroad" of Pittsburgh. (SVIR)

    Electrically simple too. Red & Black for mainline 1 & 2, Green & Black for trolley, and Yellow & Orange for accessories. All tracks will have feeders soldered and the bus lines snap together with these neet little snap connectors I bought from the RC car section of the hobby store. Layout height will be 4', and modules will be connected by either clamps, or 6" thredded bolts that fit in pre-drilled holes.
  7. Matthyro

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    Lookin' good csxengineer. The most important fact is you kept at it and now look what you have got. Hope to see more soon.
  8. shaygetz

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    :thumb: :thumb: You've confirmed me in the right direction as I've decided on modules as well. Back in the 70s, Irv Shultz's St. Claire Northern was quite inspiring to me, moreso than John Allen's Gorre and Dephetid because of its 18" depth that ran around the walls, It just is an easier chunk to gnaw on and the idea of interchanging locations is too irresistable to pass on. I'll standardize my end profiles to match so the scenery flows as well. Keep us posted :thumb: :thumb:
  9. interurban

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    That`s neat, well done , don`t go selling anymore stuff!!!!!!! :thumb:
    Are you thinking of stringing overhead for the trolly?? You just knew I was going to ask that :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Some one was asking me about n gauge trollies I hope they see yours
  10. csxengineer

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    The trolley represents Pittsburgh Railways which had some great PCC Trolleys. I used regular flex track, and have it powered through the wheels, but I will run some Dummy wire on poles as my last project. I cant find good N scale trolley poles, other than atlas. Any suggestions?

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  11. interurban

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    Lovely PCC`s, I will make inquiries, I have seen n gauge trollies running well at our shows.
  12. Hoghead

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    Every once in awhile on E-Bay (N-Scale) there is single and double track cat poles for sale. This may or may not be what you looking for, if I come across it my searches I will post a link.

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