1995 Ford GT 90 Concept

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    It took a while to find a DIGITAL model of the GT90, I knew there was one out there.

    edit. if you want I can clean it up. Ironically some features that are missing from the model like the steering wheel and seat details are in that screen shot of the paper model on the site you linked to.

    edit. ok so far so ... wierd. I have been breaking apart this model and the down side of this model is that many ... and I mean all =P the panels are connected with a U-channel like connection/separator. The upside is that the 10000+ polygon count can be cut down tremendously maybe by 60%-70% where 2 faces would normally meet has 3 extra faces added to the poly count.
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    Perfect, I knew there was a free one out there somewhere. And, it is fortunate I couldn't find my software I was borderline purchasing one. But, you and this site saved me money. I would greatly appreciate if you could clean it up I have another couple of boxes to go through then should be able to find my software. But in the mean time I would very much appreciate it. It may help speed things along considerably. Yes you will find that lots of users have a tendency to add "fillers" to a model to make it appear extremely well designed due to high counts. But doesn't really make it a better model as in order to use many of them in views other than what the designer posted you have to modify all kinds of things. Funny part is that is also how I got into paper modeling or card modeling. I ran across a post in a 3D model forum asking for help with some of the more advanced things. And someone posted screen shots of a model they downloaded that when they moved it from the opened view it look like an exploded view of the model just like in Pepakura. That was when someone else posted what software it looked like and then from there the rest just took off. Have been "collecting" paper model designs fro several years and have a huge collection but just the last 6 months or so been more into designing and building.

    I now remember why I started working with 3D models you can't properly calculate the curvature of an object in psp or ms paint. You can get very close if you are already familiar with 3D though. Or if you can remember the math aspect of it you can get exact. But I'm just not that good that I remember the math.

    Autocad and dxf led me to ms paint and psp, designs to convert to auto cad. Due to rc modeling. MS paint and psp led me to 3ds and poser and others. As things got more complex. 3ds, poser , and dxf, led to paper models.
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    Ok so far so good. I have completed the nose of the model. I'm not sure but it looks like more than 70% of the model will be redone with the original being used as a template. The model is just not setup right for paper. I expect it to be on par with Cornell's Austin Martin DBR-9 in reference to his digital model before being ported to paper. I hope to get the same level of detail.

    As for the glass. Dont worry about it because I intend to create a template that can be used to make the window's shape when you cut it out and form it into shape.
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    Wow, that is some really awesome news Stev0!

    I'm in line already!:grin:

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    Bad news, I have to reformat this pc. So I'm backing everything up right now onto my other drives so this can be done without losing anything. It may be a while before I'm done, takes a little while to backup over half a terra byte of data. This is one reason I usually just format store bought pcs. They are never imaged right and the image always fails. Be online hopefully in a day or two unless I can get this done faster.
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    Best way for off system storage is an external drive which in my situation is a good investment.

    320gig harddrive $112
    USB external drive enclosure $40
    Peace of mind $priceless


    It's going to be a bit before I am done. The final model and the above model will be completely different seeing as I am remodeling everything and including some unseen details (like the collapsing rear spoiler)
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    Sorry been busy trying to learn rhino. Actually not a bad app. Since I now have a copy of rhino to use I will hopefully moving along much faster with both this GT90 and my SDF . Should have some better schematics in about a week or so. And possibly an "appetizer" beta Gt90.
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    The rear of the model is nearly complete on my end. The original model is pretty much nearly gone as I have been using it as a template to recreate a more managable one.

    I think I spotted my next car design too from the Seriouswheels website... thanks Jay Leno.
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    Nice and it runs on BioDiesel.


    single lug turbine shaped wheel too.

    Lambo doors as well, or so it appears. The lines on the car give signs that it is, plus being door lines so far up on the roof line. But look like they raise up at about a 45 degree anle or there about. Notice the vents tucked in behind the fender well just behing the wheel on the front. Looks like a venting port for aerodynamics to help keep it on the ground since uses kevlar and carbon fiber body. Running 20" Dunlop SP Sport Maxx. At least up front, and appears to be 22 maybe 23" in the rear. Got to get rid of those fins on the rear well though unless they serve some sort of functional purpose. maybe directional air flow as it has no wing on the back but has roof mounted air intake. Looks as if they may also have run a cooling system in the front grill not sure if would be for brake/trans system cooling and for engine or just brake/trans cooling. Also, surprised Leno hasn't actuallly built or participated more in the design and build of more vehicles. Kind of a rip off of the Cadillac and the Saleen. The Cadi I understand, since was a GM colaboration, but the lines and over all body shape are Saleen. But then everyone is using that bulging cockpit design for sports cars now. And more are going for the Mclaren design push the driver more to the center and then everything else lines up around them. But I guess you could say the rear fins are Leno's over all touch since his is more of a classic car guy instead of a modern sport car guy. I don't personally like to design vehicle bodies that wide myself but it has its advantages by giving way to allowing more down force with body design versus having wings and ducts all over the place. Having the wings makes it look like a plane that never got off the ground. And the ducts make them look like swiss cheese. Nice find I may have to consider something like that myself if I get this one done. Putting the pics for it into my to do list folder.

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