1990s Toyota Corollas

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    Well I'm basically an aero geek...but it does'nt mean i am not attracted/ attached to cars/ bicycles ( yeah...if you dont know just do a google search about cycling revolution in Bangladesh :mrgreen:)/ships. before my craze about aviation stated I was like most boys, a car freak ...well lets say toy cars/ die casts :rolleyes: ....my parents say that the first word i said when i was a toddler was GAAA ( FYI GAARI is the bengali for CAR :mrgreen:) ...

    Any how moving on, as far as the automobile scenario in Bangladesh is concerned, majority of the cars here are toyotas. It doesnt mean there aren't cars of other manufacturers here , but toyota vehicles dominates all else in sheer numbers. Among the popular toyota sedans/family cars here, the Corolla line enjoys prominence. Personally, for some weird reason I found the E90 "attractive". I know a lot of people labels the Corollas as "as boring as cars can get"...but lets face it, the corollas function as good old family horses.

    Toyota enthusiasts might want to read this ( http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/news/unassuming-silver-bullet/ )


    Moving on from my primitive' hand drawing technique, I used gimp+MS paint combination to make the layouts from line drawing/ blueprints i found online angel Rims were done the same way ...so yeah ...might upload/share the layouts here one of these days :rolleyes:

    as can be seen in the pic, the 1st one is the E90 with carbon fibre( is it??) fenders, with the undecorated 'stock rims' .... the rest 2 are the E100s, with the white one being my 1st successful attempt ( needless to say i had to make and discard 3 toyotas to get the proper final results) .....

    ANOTHER THING, by all means I intend to keep my models as simple as possible, but providing all the essential curves and tweaks.

    Enjoy ( hopefully more versions of the corollas will follow ) and feel free to be critical :-D

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  2. walid009

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    oh my goodness. Breathtaking.....Fan-freak-tastic .....you are a real talent Mr. Samee
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    Nice, very nice. Do ou think you could make a 1973 Toyota Celica. I miss that car so much. I should have never got rid of that car. It was beautiful to look at, drive, and maintain. I was too dumb and young to know that. The car below looks just like mine did, except I had slotted aluminum rims. :)

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    ...well..i guess its not gonna be impossible...just the thing is...i dont have much time now :( ...getting the layouts done in digital format is time consuming work ( ihave the blueprint BTW :) ) ...in the mean time...why not try the Celica GT done by Mr Jcarwil??...its pretty nice...and simple...u just need to add some colors and change the rims :) ...Personally..i would say i like the looks of the coupe better... :) ..

    here's 'ze link : http://foter.com/photo/jcarwil-papercraft-77-toyota-celica-gt-liftback-1/

    also...thanks Walid vhai and Mr. Zathros

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