1983 Nuclear Power Plant (1/350) for download

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Thomas Pleiner, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Than you for the english instructions Thomas. Going to build in the new year. This is going to look good with a couple of cooling towers. Allthough i think they are a bit above my modeling skills yet, i have only been making paper/card models for the last six months.
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    Hi Thomas
    Just want to say thanks for sharing this.
    i would recommend that the tutorial in the beginning of the instructions is
    made aviable in this forum,best thing iwe seen for beginners.
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    After logging into the site look for a small picture of a locomotive on the left side of the page.
    Clicking that picture will take you to the members only download area.
    Scroll down and you will see a list of available models for download.

  5. Jan,

    I agree to this and I'm strongly supporting this . . . but why use a 23 years old "manifest"?
    Please use the updated version:

    This 2004-tutorial is based on the 1983 issue, but up-dated. . . ;-)
    And it's in four languages: English / German / French / Suomeksi (Finnish)

    best regards
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    Thomas, many thankyous for sharing these files. After spending most of the weekend downloading reactor plant files, I'm finally on the last download. Unfortunate for me, my wife and grandson happened to look at the download page, so I'm now committed to downloading the Egyptian temple for her and the train engines for him. Doing this on a slow dialup, I have a feeling I may be committed myself before this is done.

    I still cannot log on. If you could send me my login data, I would be very appreciative to find where my stupid mistake is.
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    I remember missing the cooling towers when I first was given that kit by a
    physics teacher.

    Easy to understand as they are a major sight when driving by one of these
    power stations. So I started planning to add them myself.

    I then quickly figured out one of the possible reasons why they are not
    included. It is the same reason why they are landmarks of power stations:
    They are HUGE. With a height of up to 200 meters they dwarf the rest of
    the installation...
  8. Dear all,

    the base is now available for members on www.kartonmodell-forum.de


    Have a closer look to an area of the base:


    The base is 841 x 594 millimeters, so I've devided the whole base into
    15 letter-sized sheets with a 10 millimeter overlap . . .


    Registered members have access to the member's models download
    area, where the section for the DWR/PWR 1300 MW nuclear power Plant
    model ist updated with the base (there is also a base-version available
    for A4 printers)

    The base is 30 megabyte PDF . . .

    Now the 1983 1/350 downloadable cardmodel of a Nuclear Power Plant
    is complete . . .

    Enjoy, have a nice day . . .
    and best regards

  9. Hello to all,

    also this legendary model is still available for free from

    For registered members we made available a download
    center for easier navigation.

    Have a nice week and best regards

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    Looking for the 1/350 Nuclear Power Plant Model...

    Hi, Thomas. I just joined the forum and found your thread about your excellent power plant model that you were letting members download for free. I went to your website and tried to register, but was given the message that no new members were being accepted. Is there any other place to get this model?


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