1976 March 761 F1

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  1. lrm1960

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    This is my latest completed project. It is the March 761 as driven by Hans Stuck in the 1976 British GP, built from a PKAA kit purchased off of Ebay a number of years ago. The kit consists of 137 parts crammed on 2.5 pages, 1 page of written instructions (in czech?) and 1 page of illustrations with part callouts.
    I couldn't read the written instructions, so I built from the illustrations only.
    I added fine wire for plug wires and spring coils, also used aluminum tubing for the axles.
    P1000358.jpg P1000359.jpg P1000361.jpg P1000363.jpg P1000364.jpg P1000371.jpg
  2. OhioMike

    OhioMike Member

    Outstanding model!!! Well done, especially the wires and the tires! The engine looks very well done!
  3. whulsey

    whulsey New Member

    Looks good. Nice job on the tires, still building 10 to get 4 acceptable ones myself.
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    One of the best examples of F1 cars I've seen. I can't remember where I've seen better either. Clean and crisp lines. The plug wires and springs and he kind of details that throw a build way over the top, and the Red color, as the British would say are "quite right!!".

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